Solaufein was a drow commander living in Ust Natha and secretly a worshiper of Eilistraee. He lead the fighter's society for males in the city.[1]


He grudgingly worked for the city's houses while at the same time not believing in the justification of the viciousness with which they dealt with other races and each other. He also had a particularly bitter relationship with Phaere, with whom he'd had an actual romantic relationship in the past. She had been tortured when they had been found out, and now there was nothing left but her ambition. He was generally depressed with his life, when not exchanging insults with Phaere; she would have him killed at a whim if he did not have the protection of another house in the city.[1]


Solaufein fought with a scimitar and a shield, both enchanted, and wore elven chainmail as well as a piwafwi cloak. All of his equipment was made of adamantite.[1]


It was rumored that Solaufein was encountered by Gorion's Ward, when he was disguised as drow infiltrating Ust Natha, in order to retrieve Adalon's eggs. Solaufein was put in charge of the newcomers, and generally accompanied them on their missions.[1]

He joined the ward on his first missions, which involved rescuing Phaere from a group of illithids. Solaufein also accompanied the the group and Phaere to kill a beholder which was smuggling adamantine, and to acquire the helmet of the neighboring svirfneblin leader. Eventually, she told Gorion's Ward to kill him, as the party were not yet allied with any house. It was rumored that, instead of killing him, Gorion's Ward told Solaufein to give his cloak as "proof" of his death and let him flee. Here, Solaufein told the story of his past, of Phaere, and of his worship of Eilistraee. Phaere, thinking the player's party were drow, would never have suspected they would have qualms about killing him. She told the party of her plan to exchange the dragon eggs for fakes so that her mother would be killed by a summoned demon when she offers the fakes to it. Phaere herself could have use the real eggs as the new matron mother. It was said that Solaufein appeared soon after with another set of fake dragon eggs, which may have been given to Phaere so that she, too, would have been killed.[1]


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  • Solausein, the corresponding but non-identical character from the novelization of the game.