Solid fog, formerly known as Veridon's solidifier, was a conjuration or alteration spell that created a tangible fog.[2][4][1]

Users[edit | edit source]

Solid fog could be cast by sorcerers and wizards.[2] In the time of Netheril, it could be cast by arcanists of the Inventive and Variation specializations.[3]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Functioning like its precursor fog cloud, the solid fog spell caused a cloud of fog to emanate from the point of origin, obscuring sight and concealing those within.[7][2]

It was also so dense that it slowed all movement within, forcing all creatures to a crawling pace and hindering both melee and ranged weapons, bar magic rays. It could even slow the descent of something falling through it.

The solid fog would dissipate as a normal fog in a severe wind, and could not be cast underwater.[7][2]

A permanency spell made a solid fog permanent and continually reforming.[2]

Components[edit | edit source]

A casting of solid fog required a mixture of a pinch of powdered hoof from some animal, and a pinch of powdered dried peas.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The spell was created by the arcanist Veridon of Netheril, ruler of the enclave of Lathery. He introduced it in 3408 NY (−451 DR) under the name Veridon's solidifier. It later became known simply as solid fog.[1][8][9]

Solid fog was an uncommon spell in Faerûn in the 1360s DR.[10]

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