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Solifugids, also known variously as false spiders, camel spiders, or sun spiders were a variety of arachnid in the Realms that were roaming hunters rather than web users.[2][3]


Solifugids had segmented bodies that were covered in fur of a brown, dun, russet, or yellowish color. The eyes of a solifugid tended to be either a glossy green-black or red shade.[2] They lacked the developed pincers common in other arachnids.[1] Instead, solifugids sported hooked beaks and ten legs, with the foremost pair ending in forejoints that were powerfully-muscled forejoints and equipped with hooked clamps.[2][3] Their entire bodies were shaped in such a way as to maintain a grip on their prey with these clamps regardless of the force.[2]


These creatures were quite fearless, but instinctually avoided fights that they would not profit from. Because of this, they were never known to fight among themselves.[2]

Solifugids of the large variety were too unintelligent and driven by insect to be coerced by spells into letting go of their prey. The huge and giant variety were both capable of being controlled by means of arachnid control.[2]


Solifugids possessed an immunity to most forms of poison.[2] Their eyes were capable of seeing in areas of total darkness.[1]


These creatures tried to trap their prey with clamp-equipped forelegs and then attack them with their hooked beaks. It was very difficult to release their grip on another creature, with usually the only way of doing so being to sever the limb.[2][3]



Solifugids were a carnivorous species that ate a wide variety of creatures. All except for other solifugids, whose flesh tasted abhorrent to them.[2]


Each type of solifugid varied in the type of habitat they were typically found in. The large variety were typically found in warm deserts. The huge variety were typically found any dry, non-mountainous region with a temperate climate. And the giant variety were typically found in underground in regions with a temperate climate.[2]

Giant solifugids could be found in the Underdark and roaming warmer mountainous areas of Faerûn. Huge solifugids could be found roaming wastelands across the Realms, but were particularly numerous in Shaar and the Raurin desert. There they waited in gullies for wild herds or nomadic tribes. Some could also be found in the Underdark of those regions.[2]

Large solifugids could be found primarily in hot deserts, such as those of Calimshan and Durpar, coming out at night when sands were cooler and the darkness cloaked them.[2]


Some drow wizards were known to have solifugids as familiars.[4]

Solifugids were known to act as servants of the Dark Seldarine goddess Lolth.[5]


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