Solmé was one of the seven liches who created Crenshinibon, and was later consumed by it.[1]

The fodder of Shadowfell are ours for the calling. The gate is not thick. The door is not locked. The crawlers hunger for the flesh of Toril.
  — Solmé


Solmé of Gharr had learned of a way to live for millennia: on reaching old age, young children were identified and Solmé's life force placed into them. Solmé's transformation into a lich came before the last incarnation grew into an adult, so it eternally appeared as a child.[1]

Solmé was a rival of a fellow lich, Fetchigrol. In order to spawn undead, Solmé would travel to the Shadowfell to directly raise an army, whereas Fetchigrol would reanimate those who had fallen. Fetchigrol believed he had been bested by Solmé.[2]



  1. In The Ghost King, Solmé is referred to as a "brother". In A Reader's Guide to R. A. Salvatore's the Legend of Drizzt, "her" is used. The habit of taking the bodies of others may mean Solmé has multiple or varying genders.




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