Solon was a city in the Raurin desert.[3]


Solon was an Imaskari city that was founded in −6422 DR and became the capital city of Lower Imaskar during the Middle Kingdoms period of the empire.

After the fall of Imaskar, the ancient city of Solon sought to carve itself a new empire from the desert wastes. It succeeded for a time, gaining control of most of the land south of the Raurin Alta. It traded with Ra-Khati and Durpar. Slowly, however, as the desert spread further, Mulhorand took Gbor Nor, and Shou conquerors cut Solon's ties with the lands to the north, Solon lost its grip on its territories. After a succession of weak kings over a period of centuries, Solon was only left with the city itself[1] which was then taken by the lich Ambuchar Devayam at the head of a Durpari army.

From the city, Ambuchar came close to conquering Ra-Khati but ultimately failed. He began digging up the city for imaskari artefacts, caring not a whit for his subjects and cutting off all trade. He turned the dead into zombies so they would continue to work after their lives were exhausted

In 1360 DR, the citizens lives of terror ended when Solon was buried by a magically-triggered volcanic eruption.[4]



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