Soman Galt was the mayor of Neverwinter in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


Galt was usually described as sunken-eyed, cold distant person. Because of the modifications done to him by the Abolethic Sovereignty, his body was able to morph and [1]


Because of a strong mental conditioning, Galt was an introverted person, usually lost in thought and mumbling to himself. He was able to show an astonishing concentration capacity when he had to focus in something, however, and he always took his work seriously.[1]

He was aware that Neverember only considered him a lackey but he didn't cared, as he was a faithful servant of his true masters. When commanded to do so by the aboleths, or when his life was in danger, Galt could turn very aggressive and only cared for destruction.[1]


As mayor of Neverwinter, Galt was in charge of the day-to-day ruling of Neverwinter.[1]

He was also a puppet of the Abolethic Sovereignty, and his role was to inform his masters of any event of importance and to influence the government of Neverwinter in ways that would be beneficial for the aboleths.[1]


In his younger years, Galt was an accomplished explorer and government official. Because of his experience, he was chosen by Dagult Neverember to be the mayor of Neverwinter when he started his New Neverwinter movement in 1467 DR.[1]

At some point before 1479 DR, Galt was approached by Rohini, who seduced him and was able to send Galt to her masters, the Abolethic Sovereignty, who mind-controlled and modified Galt to serve as their puppet in Neverwinter.[1]



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