The Song of Faerûn was a lengthy mysterious ballad that prophesied the history of Faerûn and was performed at the dawn of the 14th century DR by the man only known as the Bard of Kara-Tur.[1]

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Neither the full length of the Song of Faerûn nor its full lyrics were known, as the ballad manifested itself in parts when it was divined, apparently remaining in a constant state of flux.[1]

One part of the Song of Faerûn prophesied the Cult of the Dragon's invasion, led by Kya Mordrayn and Pelendralaar, of the ancient ruins of Myth Drannor. It included the cult's weakening and corruption of the city's mythal and planned corruption of the Weave through the city's pool of radiance. The song named the adventurers who stood against the Cult, the Veiled Ones, and their few allies within the ruins.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1369 DR, an undead elven diviner Caalenfaire and his familiar Volun were able to catch the following verse of the song:[1]

In Cormanthor did mage Mordrayn
Speak spells of greed in Words of flame;
With poison troth she soon unmade
Proud treasure of the Silver Blade;
And by her side, Pelendralaar,
Their minds as one, come from afar;
Dark creatures drown the city bright,
the dragon’s kin, the elf of night;
The Pool! The Pool! It grows, and yet,
One small band against it set.

Guided by the two verses, the undead diviners were able to give guidance to the Veiled Ones, the heroes whose destiny was veiled by the shadows, pointing them towards the allies within the city ruins. Eventually, this prophecy led to the Cult of the Dragon's defeat. It was followed by one more verse of the song that celebrated the victory and the pool of radiance's dispersion.[1]

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