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Song of the Morning Temple.

The Song of the Morning was a large temple dedicated to the deity Lathander in the center of Beregost, just on the eastern side of the Coast Way road that cut through town.[1] The temple was led by the Most Radiant of Lathander, Kelddath Ormlyr, who also served as Beregost's governor.[2]


The large fortified church was an unmistakable and imposing structure in Beregost. Surrounding the main building were refectories, boarding houses, and stables. Its rose-colored spires could be seen from miles away.[1]

On the east side of town were the temple's potato fields, herb gardens, and hills where its clergy tended flocks of sheep. While shepherding their livestock among the foothills, the temple's priests kept a watchful eye over the unguarded eastern expanse of Beregost. They were also afforded a view of the ruins of the old wizard school, which attracted a number of folks looking for a thrilling expedition.[1]


Under the leadership of Kelddath Ormlyr, the temple's vast clergy and some 200-strong militia served Beregost with earnest vigilance. They allowed for no lawless behavior or violence on its roads.[1]

Dawn Priest Blane and Dawn Priest Bram tended to the temple's sanitation.[3]

The temple was home to four sirines, who possessed melodious singing voices.[3]


Anyone who donated 20 gp to the church's coffers was granted two nights' stay in one of the church's guesthouses. Those who were ill or seriously inured were allowed to stay longer and received the care of a priest.[1]

As he kept the peace within Beregost as both governor and high priest of the temple, Kelddath Ormlyr offered bounties to those who could rid the area of dangerous beasts or people.[3]


In 1368 DR, Most Radiant Ormlyr sponsored a 5,000-gp bounty for the death of Basillus, an insane and violent priest of Cyric.[3]



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