The Songs & Swords series by Elaine Cunningham covers the adventures of Arilyn Moonblade and Danilo Thann. Several of the books were originally part of the loosely-connected Harpers series, but as the story of Arilyn Moonblade became more fleshed out and the books became more popular, they were joined together as their own series.

The final book of the series, to be called Reclamation, was cancelled. Reclamation planned to address who Princess Amnestria's child was, unravel the mystery of the moonblades, and to chronicle the royal matters of Evermeet.[1]

Songs and Swords Edit

  1. Elfshadow (September 1991)
  2. Elfsong (January 1994)
  3. Silver Shadows (June 1996)
  4. Thornhold (August 1998)
  5. The Dream Spheres (May 1999)
  6. Reclamation (planned for early 2008, but cancelled)



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