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The Sons of Alagondar were a nationalist rebel group operating in the city of Neverwinter in the late 15th century DR.[3]


Almost all of the Sons of Alagondar were descendants of those who'd served Lord Nasher Alagondar. They refused to leave Neverwinter even as Mount Hotenow erupted and actively opposed the city's new self-imposed leader, Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, wishing to return Neverwinter to the way it was before the cataclysm rather than creating the 'New Neverwinter' that Neverember endorsed.[1]

The group was divided into two main factions:

The Nashers[]

The minotaur head symbol of the Nashers.

Primarily made up of the younger members of the group and led by Arlon Bladeshaper, who claimed to be descended from one of the Neverwinter Nine. The Nashers were the more radical faction of the two, practicing extreme methods and allying themselves to the shadier side of Neverwinter's underworld such as the Dead Rats and Thayan agents, and even using a former Kraken Society building as their Headquarters.[4]

Their symbol was the head of a minotaur pierced by a sword, evoking the story of how Lord Nasher slew one of the beasts by stabbing it through the eye. This was often printed in red on hessian and hung about their bases and safehouses.[5]

The Graycloaks[]

Named after the old Neverwintan militia and led by the proprietor of the Driftwood Tavern, Madame Rosene, the Graycloaks pursued more diplomatic ends. They put pressure on Lord Neverember to give Neverwintan citizens more political power, using subterfuge to advance their aims rather than force. However this approach met with much less success than the Nashers' more violent efforts.[4]


In the Year of the Fourth Circle, 1474 DR, the Sons of Alagondar emerged in Neverwinter and waged a campaign of insurgency and propaganda against the rule of Dagult Neverember. Proclaiming themselves as the descendants of the servants and retainers of Lord Nasher and his descendants, they wished to restore rule to the rightful line of Alagondar.[3]

The group was led by a Harper agent named Cymril, but she was killed in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, when Neverember mounted reprisals against the group's activities. After she was killed, it was also revealed she was working for Neverember as well.[2] Leaderless and feeling betrayed, a power vacuum formed and soon the group split into two opposed factions, the "Nashers" and the "Graycloaks".[3]

The Nashers' warehouse headquarters in the Blacklake District.

The Nashers moved in and took over the devastated Blacklake District, using it as their base of operations. The Nashers stole from the poor to finance their rebellion, openly defied Neverember's dictates, and attacked those who did not swear loyalty, while driving off the rest. For those who refused to leave, they burned down their houses or else barricaded them inside. The architect of all this was Karzov, Arlon's second-in-command. When Arlon was absent, the Neverwinter Guard suspected Karzov had taken power in the Nashers, but in fact the two remained in communication and Arlon was simply dealing with other schemes. Karzov famously orchestrated a chaotic riot in the city while he and his Nashers assassinated a senior officer in the Guard. Following the siege of Neverwinter of 1479 DR, Karzov masterminded the heist of the Crown of Neverwinter, intending to use it to assert the Nashers' control over the city. But this ambition would be their undoing. The Dead Rats, who'd aided the Nashers in smuggling supplies into Blacklake District, kidnapped the thief Gothwan for ransom, but Karzov abandoned him and ignored the Rats. The Guard and a recruited adventurer did not, and Gothwan gave up Karzov's location. Private Zoey Fargo and the adventurer raided first Karzov's safehouse and then the Nashers' warehouse headquarters and finally slew Karzov and retrieved the crown, ending the Nashers as a threat in Blacklake. Despite this defeat, Karr Nevrim's cell held out in the Tower District until they too were defeated.[6]

In the late years of the 1480s DR, with the city rebuilding and Neverember gaining the popular approval of the citizens, many of the Sons of Alagondar decided that the rule of Neverember wasn't that bad, and volunteered themselves to serve as the city guard, arguing that, if Neverember would rule the city, it was better to have a local army instead of depending on foreign mercenaries.[7]




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