The Duchy of Soravia was the newest of the Damaran provinces as of 1357 DR.[1][2][3]


Soravia initially only occupied the valleys along the southern section of Damara's three rivers. It was not until the defeat of Zhengyi when the duchy expanded to include all lands west of Brandiar and north of Polten and Morov, covering roughly half of Damara.[2][3]


Soravia was similar in size to Carmathan when initially founded. However, after the defeat of the Witch-King's forces, the duchy swelled to become the largest region of Damara.[2]

Much of the landmass of Soravia was covered with barren tundra and open grasslands.[1]


The Witch-King created the duchy to serve as a strategic buffer between his forces and those of other populous regions in Damara.[1]


Soravia was home to 12,000 Damarans with Kinbrace as the capital. All Soravians fiercely valued their independence.[1]




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