Sorcerer's Isle was an island located on the Stojanow River in the Moonsea, with the river splitting around the island. The closest settlement to Sorcerer's Isle was the fortified hamlet of Kabel's Hill. The dominant feature of Sorcerer's Isle was a large silver pyramid that occupied most of the island.[citation needed]


The pyramid was created some time around −100 DR and served as a wizard's college, though it was abandoned at some point in time for an unknown reason.[1]

Its next known occupant was a wizard named Yarash, who used the pyramid to poison the Stojanow River as part of his attempts to create a new race of freshwater sahuagin. Yarash had never seen a real sahuagin before, but believed with magical augmentation he could change the indigenous lizardmen in the area into sahuagin. He kept several mutated lizardmen as slaves inside the pyramid and used their labor to facilitate the poisoning of the Stojanow River. The Heroes of Phlan put a stop to Yarash and his experiments in 1340 DR, ending the poisoning of the river in the process.[2][3]

The pyramid began making trouble again in 1489 DR when a portal to Limbo somehow opened up in the old pump room for the pyramid. Slaadi came through and proceeded to pump chaosstuff through the mechanism, poisoning the river once again but this time with more random and chaotic effects rather than the deadly poisonous effects of the past.[citation needed]


From the exterior, the pyramid consisted of a simple pyramid design with two entrances on opposite sides of the pyramid. The top of the pyramid contained pipes that ran from inside and allowed the pumping out of poison (or chaosstuff[citation needed]) down the side of the pyramid into the surrounding river.[2]

Inside, the pyramid was broken into three levels, the bottom two of which consisted of a large and complex maze filled with teleportation circles and hidden doors. Numerous monsters had become lost in the pyramid over the years, many of them going insane over the course of their time in the magical labyrinth.[4]

At the top of the pyramid and only accessible through the labyrinth was the pump room and the private chambers of the wizard Yarash. Several mutated lizardmen also lived on the top floor and were enslaved to work the pumps. Yarash's chambers were equipped with a special teleportation circle with a special tool to select where it would take a person. It connected to several private store rooms and to the entrance of the labyrinth.[2]



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