"Sorcerer's Moon" is the fourth issue of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comics series set in the Forgotten Realms and published by DC Comics. It was written by Michael Fleisher and Jan Duursema, drawn by Duursema, and edited by Barbara Kesel. It ended the story arc begun in "The Gathering" and continued in "The Bounty Seekers Of Manshaka" and "The Secret of Selûne's Eye".

The demon Warlord known as Imgig Zu stands at the cusp of total victory. Soon he'll be joined by hordes of his demon brethren. The only thing standing in the way of the Realms and a this tide of evil are a surly dwarf warrior and his benevolent centaur companion, a gladiator who survived the Manshaka Arena of Blood, a fallen paladin, and a timid half-elf But first, they'll have to battle their way through a clan of hungry ogres.

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CybrianaPriam AgrivarKililiKyriani AgrivarLunaOnyx the InvincibleTimoth EyesbrightVajra ValmeyjarImgig Zu
Referenced only
Ostus Agrivar
Referenced only
air elementalbasilisk
Inns & Taverns: Selûne's Smile
Settlements: Waterdeep
Realms: Shadowdale
Faiths: SelûneMystra
Items:Selûne's EyeStaff of Witheringwand of power
Spells: bloomforcecagemagic missile
double-bladed swordpaladinscry

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The back of the issue presents a map of the caverns beneath Imgig Zu's tower, where all of the action takes place.

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This issue was reprinted in the Dungeons & Dragons Classics, Vol. 1 trade paperback by IDW Publishing in March 2011.

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