Sorcerous Sundries was a magic shop in Baldur's Gate.[2] It was located on Stormshore Street in the Heapside district.[4][5]


The shop was a tall, round building that was easily recognizable amid its surroundings. Its domed roof appeared as if it were made entirely of multi-colored stained glass. While it was actually supported by stone archways, this was indiscernible from the exterior. When light entered through the roof it shone through the inside of the shop as a rainbow.[2]

The ground floor of the shop, the only area in which patrons were permitted, was decorated with opulent furniture, rugs and silk curtains. Many of these were inscribed with arcane symbols that, according to the Sundries' sign, offered protection to its patrons.[2]


When Halbazzer Drin ran the shop, he offered the casting of spells that banished mildew and drew out moisture from objects without damaging them. Realizing the high demand for such services, he never inscribed these spells to scrolls or revealed their specifications to others.[4][6]


While Sorcerous Sundries was established as an store for the arcane, for many years the building was used as a private residence, a restaurant, a variety of specialty shops and even for some time, as a greenhouse.[2]

Sometime during the 15th century DR, Rivalen Blackhand re-founded the store as a shop cater to spellcasters, specializing in Material components. However, he denied having magic items for sale and outright refused to sell spell scrolls.[2]



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