Sorenth Gorender, nicknamed Happy, was a vampire and a lower-ranked member of the Night Masters, the cabal of vampires who led the Night Masks. He was also owner and bartender of the Purple Lady festhall.[1]


Sorenth was a man with a handsome face and long, gently curling blond hair that hung to his shoulders. He loved his hair, and usually tied it in a ponytail with a ribbon in keeping with his dress that night. He almost always smiled.[1]


Sorenth maintained an air of elegance and charm, always sociable, friendly, and courteous. Even when he was angry, his manners were perfect. He thus seemed very trustworthy.[1]


Sorenth was the owner and bartender of the Purple Lady, a top-quality festhall in Westgate. Even before his recruitment to the Night Masks, he was a master blackmailer, using the so-called Purple Ladies to acquire information for blackmail. The vampire Orbakh specifically chose him to be his main link to the city's criminal underworld, and made him a vampire and a Night Mask.[1]


Sorenth supervised the blackmailing operations of the guild, and collected information through the Purple Ladies. The unsuspecting upper-class patrons of the Purple Lady—mostly jaded nobles and merchants after a thrill or company above their station—grew intoxicated or infatuated with the lovely Ladies of the festhall and divulged confidences and secrets. They then became victims of Sorenth's blackmail; most paid up. The few who resisted he reported to the Twilight Knight for intimidation and beatings. Happy Sorenth avoided getting his hands dirty.[1]

Thanks to his trade, nobody suspected his illicit activities or his vampiric transformation. His building was perfect for secretly meeting with this agents, who passed disguised as delivery-folk, crafts-folk, merchants, patrons, and others. The late working hours meant he could remain nocturnal. He also satiated his thirst by "drinking" from his Purple Ladies.[1]