Soul coins were magical coins and the currency of the Nine Hells.[1]


A soul coin was made from a special type of iron called infernal iron. They were large coins, measuring 5 in (0.13 m) in width and 1 in (0.025 m) in thickness. They usually weighed about 0.33 lb (150 g). Both sides of the coin had infernal script etched onto its surface.[1]


Each soul coin was infused with the soul of a single creature. The soul was tormented and filled with despair. As a result, any creature of a non-evil alignment was only able to carry a few coins at a time. A creature of an evil alignment was able to carry as many coins as they wished.[1]

A creature in possession of a soul coin could use its innate powers. The coin could be used to drain the life of a target creature. Another ability was that the soul inside the coin could be communicated with telepathically. It would answer questions but often gave vague answers.[2]

It was possible to release the soul within a soul coin. This could be achieved by casting an anti-curse spell, such as remove curse, on the coin. Once a soul was freed, the coin began rusting and was eventually destroyed. If the soul was of a good alignment, they were transported to the realm of their deity. If the soul was of an evil alignment, they were transported to the Styx and transformed into a lemure.[2]


Soul coins were minted on Minauros by Mammon. Trapped souls were infused into the coins by his greater devils and then distributed throughout the Nine Hells.[2]





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