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Soultakers were a type of ghul-kin found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


Soultakers were smaller when compared to the ghul-kin known as witherers. They still stood taller than any human, ranging in height from 8 feet (2.4 meters) to 10 feet (3 meters). They resembled pale gangly elves in their natural forms. All soultakers were shapechangers and could change their physical form at will, usually to that of an attractive humanoid. The forms they selected mimicked people they met in person, but something was always just a bit off in their appearance such as bizarre eyes.[1]


All soultakers were immune to weapons made of any material save wood. They could be mediocre wizards or priests provided the divine power they served choose to accept them. As such, many soultakers had access to useful spells to aid them during combat.[1]

A soultaker was able to possess a victim if they were able to kiss them on the lips. Possessed victims were completely under their control, though the victim's mind was still present in their body and aware of everything happening. The victim remained under the soultakers' control regardless of the distance separating them so long as they remained on the same plane. Soultakers enjoyed using their cunning to cause harm to friends of the possessed victim. Soultakers who possessed wizards or priests had access to any spells memorized by the victim at the time of possession, but they could not access or memorize other spells. A typical soultaker could possess up to eight victims at any given time.[1]

The possession could be detected by a detect alignment spell cast on the victim. Strangers reacted to the victim as if they were cursed by the evil eye. Most sha'irs could detect the presence of genie work in the victim and hakimas could detect the actual possession.[1]

Several spells including detect evil, protection from evil, anti-magic shell, and remove curse could be used to contain or remove the possession. A successful dispel evil spell would end the possession and cause harm to the soultaker.[1]


Soultakers looked down upon the great ghuls while at the same time remaining subservient to witherers. The constant need to focus on the demands of others versus their own desires left most soultakers feeling frustrated, making them vicious to anything upon which they could vent that frustration. They felt pure joy when possessing victims.[1]

Soultakers and their possessed victims, would not willingly go near a mosque or a benevolent priest. The soultaker would attempt to force their victims to return to it under these circumstances.[1]