The Soultaker dagger, also referred to simply as Soultaker, was a magical dagger that could trap within it the soul of a being killed with its blade.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The dagger had unique physical properties: it was warm in the hands of its wielder, felt as if were heavier than its actual weight, and radiated a sense of emotional unrest.[1]

Set into its hilt was a black gem that possessed an inner radiance.[1]

Powers[edit | edit source]

As its name suggested the dagger could take the soul of another living being. This was shown to be true for both mortals from the Prime Material Plane[2] and even a demon from the Abyss.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Soultaker dagger was once owned by a dwarf of Clan Stoneblade. When this dwarf and his companion Durlag Trollkiller fought the nabassu known as Aec'Letec, Durlag used the blade to entrap the demon's soul. Before it could be returned to the Stoneblade dwarves, it was set aside by Durlag during his descent into madness and forgotten about within his namesake tower.[1]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Hurgan Stoneblade sought to retrieve his grandfather's dagger from within Durlag's Tower. At the same time, Tracea Carol and a group of cultists dedicated to Aec'Letec began their efforts to recover it for their own use.[1]

Some months later, Soultaker was used by an anonymous hooded figure to slay the Baldurian noble Skie Silvershield. As her soul became trapped within the weapon, she could not be resurrected despite the efforts made by her father Duke Entar Silvershield.[2]

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