Southbank was the section of the city of Silverymoon located south of the River Rauvin.[2]


Southbank was the newer of the two main sections of the city, linked to the older Northbank by the famous magical Moonbridge.[2] The Vault of the Sages, the famous library of the city, was located in Southbank, as were a number of magic schools,[3] unified as the Conclave of Silverymoon.[4]


Construction of Southbank began in the 12th century DR on the shores of the river at the base of the Moonbridge,[5] beginning with military buildings and followed by the first warehouses, inns, and homes in 1106 DR.[6] Southbank expanded from that point afterward.[5] At first, the Southbank contained primarily caravan-related businesses and warehouses.[7][3] In 1247 DR, the Vault of the Sages moved from its original location in Northbank to the Southbank.[8] By 1366 DR, the new section had its own wall and gate, the New Gate, and the city's West Garrison barracks were near the gate.[9]

By 1369 DR, talks had been underway for several years of unifying the magical schools located in Southbank into a single university of magic,[3] and one of Alustriel's last acts as High Mage was to officially create the Conclave. Over the next three years, Southbank had a second boom in construction and population.[1] The old wall was torn down, and a new wall was built, with the inclusion of two more gates, Blacklar Gate and Mulgate.[10]

Notable LocationsEdit

The Conclave of Silverymoon had its Southbank campus here, which included:[4]

In addition, the following were places of interest: