The area of southeast Zakhara was also the eastern portion of the Crowded Sea. It contained a number of small islands, but was dominated by the two large isles of Harab and Bariya. Both of them featured a number of mountain chains, while much of their lowlands were covered in jungle.[1]

It was bordered by the archipelagos of Nada al-Hazan and the Steaming Isles in the west, the Ruined Kingdoms area—specifically the Grey Jungle on the mainland and the islands of Sahu and Afyal—in the north, and the Sea of Foreigners in the east. In the south, only the mysterious Islands of the Utter South lay beyond this area.[1]

Though a remote region, southeast Zakhara was connected by sea trade routes to Afyal, Dihliz, and the Cities of the Pantheon. It exported exotic goods like tropical wood, spices, and feathers.[3]



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