The Southkrypt Garden, also known simply as Southkrypt, was the ruins of a dwarfhold inside the Moonwoods.[2] The former name was derived from the fact that its former dwarven inhabitants had constructed a magnificent garden around it.[3]


Southkrypt was located underneath the mountains the dwarves called Maruutdin[4] and the southern flanks of the Sword Mountains.[3] It could be found east of the town of Leilon, northwest of the Stone Bridge,[5] and north of the Kryptgarden Forest.[3][6]


Upon the entrance doors of Southkrypt were engraved the national symbol of Haunghdannar - a seven-pointed star, above a fish facing left, and floating above a mountain peak.[4] On the surface it was surrounded by a wild, overgrown and tangled garden. Its interiors were described as being maze-like.[3]


Southkrypt was once a part of the dwarven nation of Haungdannar and acted as a defense for their eastern borders.[4] At one point before it was left in ruins, Southkrypt was known to be a silver mine.[3][7]


The entrance to the ruins was guarded by a tribe of hobgoblins, who worked to ensure that any adventurers who came in would stay and provide sustenance for their lord Morg.[8]

Since at least 1358 DR, the upper level of the ruins were known to be inhabited by a variety of gibberlings and norkers. While the lower levels were known to be inhabited by storopers, vilstrak, vargouille, and xaren.[5][2] The lower levels were also home to Morg, a vampiric hill giant shaman, as well as his company of three hill giant servitors.[8]

Myths & RumorsEdit

Legends claimed that ancient magical weapons of Haungdannar could be found within the depths of Southkrypt.[4]



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