Southwest Faerûn lies along the great Chultan Peninsula that juts out toward the west. The waters to the north are named the Shining Sea, a body bounded by Calimshan[1] to the north and joined to the Lake of Steam through the Straits of Storm.[citation needed] To the south of the land is the Great Sea.[1]



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This region of dense jungles lies at the western edge of the Chultan peninsula, where the Shining Sea joins the oceans to the west. It is a swamp-filled land with wild beasts, swamps and tribes of near-savages.[2]


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Along the eastern shores of the Shining Sea is this confederation of city-states ruled by hereditary leaders. The people are hard-working folk yet somewhat barbaric who take honor and proper behavior very seriously. Duels are common, as are feuds between families. Each of the cities in this land has a different patron deity and the city-folk will worship that one deity above all others.[3]


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A secretive land at the eastern edge of the jungles of Chult about which little is known. They are relatively isolated from the other parts of the peninsula by a ring of mountains, and take pains to hide themselves with illusion and deception.[4]


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A coastal nation on the southern shore of the Shining Sea, this is a land of merchants, wealth and craftsmen that dwell at the edge of the Black Jungle to the south. The capital city is the port of Tashluta.[5] The nearby waters are protected by a strong fleet of ships.[citation needed] Infiltrating Tashalar's cities and living in the surrounding jungles are yuan-ti and other serpentfolk.[5]


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This is a region of grasslands,[4] hills and a bay to the south that nearly divides the land in two.[citation needed] The plains are home to fleet-footed tribes of humans and clans of dwarves dwell and labor in the mountains that border this area.[4]


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