Wild southwest Zakhara comprised a number of uncivilized islands in the western part of the Crowded Sea. Most of them were part of one of the two archipelagoes of Jazayir al-Sartan and the Djinni's Claws.[3][4][5][6]

Geographic limitsEdit

To the north, the tip of al-Suqut Mountains and al-Tarik Islands bordered southwest Zakhara within the Pearl Cities region. In the east, the Nada al-Hazan and Steaming Isles archipelagoes were its neighbors. To the south lay the Islands of the Utter South and beyond the endless waves of the Southern Ocean, while to the west uncounted leagues of the Great Sea separated it from the lands south of Maztica.[3][4][7]

Jazayir al-SartanEdit

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The verdant Isles of the Crab formed a crab-shaped archipelago. They were settled by only a few enlightened Zakharans, but home to monsters and savage tribes of halflings, humans, ogres, and ogre magi, as well as the dreadful sartani.[4][5][8]

The Djinni's ClawsEdit

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The jungle-covered island chain of the Djinni's Claws, roughly in the shape of a lower arm and hand, was a dangerous place for any outsider. While the northern islands of Yadd al-Djinni and larger Kaff were inhabited by pirates, monsters, and undead, the southern isles of al-Zira were supposed to be the territory of the marids, but dao and djinn also dwelt there.[4][6]



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