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Space drakes were a very rare variety of drake found in wildspace.[1]


Space drakes were said to resemble wingless radiant dragons, which essentially meant they were legless as well as wingless, with glittering, pearlescent scales. They were smaller than radiant dragons at only about 50 feet (15 meters) in length. Space drakes also had a dorsal fin that extended along their head and neck, unlike their larger kin.[1]


Despite their lack of wings, space drakes flew through wildspace by way of an innate spelljamming ability. They also had a few innate spell-like abilities, being able to "cast" restore air, detect portal, and light each twice per day.[1]

Space drakes also possessed a breath weapon of pulses of force, said to be similar to the spell magic missile. They could emit either one large pulse or up to six smaller pulses at a time; different smaller pulses could strike different targets. The breathe weapon was effective against both creatures, and large objects such as spelljamming ships' hulls.[1]


In combat, space drakes attacked with both their jaws and their tails. They were known to wrap around and constrict smaller creatures as well. Space drakes were so flexible that they could bring both their jaws and tail to bear against the same target quite easily.[1]


Space drakes lived solely in space, typically wildspace, as they apparently did not like living in the phlogiston. They were territorial, claiming vast regions of wildspace around a lair (such as a hollowed-out asteroid or an abandoned dwarven citadel). Space drakes were normally solitary, although family groups that lived together were not unknown.[1] Juvenile space drakes were called space newts, and resembled their parents except for being smaller and blind. Space newts took only five years to reach adulthood, and space drakes could live up to 1,000 years. While blind, space newts would follow anything that fed them regularly, and once their eyes opened, would imprint on the first creature to feed them.[2]

Space drakes ate anything: plant material, rock, metal, even space dust, although they had a distinct preference for meat.[1]


Divad, a human explorer from Toril, was killed while exploring a space drake's lair.[3]



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