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Space spiders, also known as crystal spiders, were an immensely rare species of spider-like creatures of unknown origin that were a combination of organic and mineral life.[1]


The spider-like bodies of these creatures looked to be glass, more mineral than organic, with multi-colored internal organs. On average an adult space spider's body was around 10 feet (3 meters) in diameter.[1]


These creatures possessed an exceptional level of intelligence.[1]


The pincers and fangs of these creatures were very powerful. If given enough time, they could even chew threw a spelljammer's metal hull. Their fangs were laced with poison. However, their bodies could be hurt by the spell shatter.[1]

In addition to the aforementioned abilities, the mothers of space spider nests were capable of jumping over 150 feet (46 meters) both horizontally and vertically. This was typically utilized in ambushing intruders or pursuing intruders that had evaded the normal spiders among their colony. And the oldest of diamond spinners possessed a form of telepathy.[1]


The mothers within space spider nests were known as diamond spinners. The oldest and wisest among them was known as the master spinner, who guided the construction of their nests through mental commands. These nests were bubble-like mazes.[1]

The crystalline eggs of a space spider were known to always contain diamonds, each worth around ten to a hundred gold pieces each. Whether these were produced naturally by diamond spinners or required a supply of diamonds was unknown. The young within an egg would feed off the diamonds until they fully matured within twenty-one days.[1]


These creatures were a lithovorous species, meaning they fed upon minerals.[1]


Space spiders typically inhabited asteroids that were laden with diamonds.[1]


How space spiders communicated was a mystery, though they occasionally produced high-pitched tinkling sounds.[1]


Vulkaran, the emperor of the Vodoni Empire, had an nest of these creatures guarding the entrance to his palace and this was largely unknown to people outside of his palace.[1]

Rumors & Legends[]

There were a number of theories regarding the origins of space spiders. Some believed they were the result of an ancient magical experiment, while others thought they originated from the Elemental Plane of Earth. But most scholars proposed that they were distant relatives of xorn, xaren, and most likely crysmals. Some went even further with their similarities to the crysmals, proposing that they were actually a more advanced space-based form of them.[1]



Under the Dark Fist


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