Some worms are good eating. Not these.
  — Elminster[1]

Spawn of Kyuss were a type of zombie that were capable of quickly spreading their undead condition by infecting other creatures with worms.[1]


In the dark or from a distance, spawn of Kyuss resembled ordinary zombies. Closer inspection, however, revealed that its corpse was covered in withering worms that were capable of jumping onto nearby humanoids.[1]


A spawn of Kyuss was different from an ordinary zombie in the sense that the soul of the original creature remained trapped inside its body. The soul remained awake and aware of its situation, a knowledge that invariably drove the spawn to insanity.[1]


In combat, spawn of Kyuss primarily used their claws as weapons, as well as their worms. Worms that successfully landed on a living creature quickly burrowed through the skin and started eating their way into it. A sufficiently numerous infection of worms was capable of killing a creature in a matter of seconds. A few minutes after death, the corpse rose as a new spawn.[1]


Kyuss created the first spawn by plundering corpses from necropolises during the time when he was a high priest of Orcus. They were seen as expressions of Orcus's intent to turn all life into undeath. Long after Kyuss's death, his zombies continued to spread his infection.[1]

By 1372 DR, spawn of Kyuss could be found in inhabited areas of the Upperdark.[4]


Kyuss has a lot to answer for. Sometimes you eat the worm―and sometimes the worm eats you.
— Volo[1]



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