Speak with animals was a divination or alteration spell that allowed the caster to communicate with normal or giant-sized animals that had at least a modicum of intelligence.[3][5][6][8] It was one of the spells available from the Balance of Belaros, a holy relic of Tyr.[10]


On casting speak with animals, the caster could speak with animals or to be more precise, gain answers when they posed them questions.

This did not mean that the animal was in any way more friendly to the caster. Distrustful ones did not give proper answers, only short and/or ones that were not to the point. Furthermore, this spell did nothing to an animal's intelligence, a dumb animal could only answer in dumb ways. If the caster somehow managed to get the support of an animal, the animal could be convinced to do something for the caster.[3]


Casting speak with animals required only somatic and verbal components.[3]



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