Speak with plants was a divination or alteration spell that allowed the caster to converse in very simple terms with vegetative and fungoid life forms.


This spell worked on all sorts of plants and plant creatures. For a few minutes, the caster was able to ask questions and receive answers from plants. The divination version of this spell applied to the caster, whereas the alteration version applied to plants in a 30 ft (9.1 m) radius. Non-intelligent plants have very limited perception and therefore could not notice specific details about their immediate surroundings, but could tell if creatures passed through or over them for example. Intelligent plants were not charmed in any way and could still be evasive, uncooperative, or hostile if so inclined; friendly ones could sometimes be persuaded to perform a service. The alteration version of speak with plants gave the caster some control over non-intelligent vegetation; he or she could order a passage through thickets or for vines to entangle pursuers (or release those caught in an entangle spell) for example, as long as it was within the normal movement capability of the flora.


The divination version of this spell only required verbal and somatic components. The alteration version also required a drop of water, a bit of dung, and a small flame.


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