A spectral troll, also known as a troll wraith, was a very rare, jet-black, undead troll.[1]


Spectral trolls were, by far, the most intelligent types of trolls, and were intellectually superior to most other creatures. They were among the tallest standing trolls, with their average height being 10 ft (3.0 m). They had inky skin and hair. These undead trolls shared many similarities with their normal kin, such as having a carnivorous diet, and having a chaotic evil disposition.[1]

They were much rarer than other trolls, except for two-headed trolls, which were also very rare.[1]

In sunlight, the trolls faded out of view, but were not harmed. Instead, when the area became dark, such as close to nightfall, the trolls would reappear. Such a trick would often help these undead creatures escape imprisonment.[1]


These troll wraiths only took material form during the night, or other areas of darkness. Undead were tormented by the memories of their former life, and this was no different for spectral trolls. As such, they roamed dark forests, looking for any living creatures to kill.[1]


In combat, spectral trolls utilized similar attack methods to normal trolls, such as using their sharp claws and powerful arms to maul foes. These intelligent giants could also handle many combatants at once, proving to be difficult opponents. If a humanoid was slain by a spectral troll, they would become a specter themselves, unless a ritual ceremony was carried out.[1]

However, like other undead, troll wraiths could be turned by clerics. Only silvered or magical weapons could harm these trolls.[1]


Unlike most other trolls, those of the spectral type did not form groups or tribes. Instead, they wandered around alone, often haunting forests at night.[1]

They were known to exist in several places across Faerûn.[2][3][4]


Some scholars believed that spirit trolls were mutations of spectral trolls, imbued with invisibility.[1]



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