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Spell Compendium is an accessory for the 3.5th-edition of Dungeons & Dragons® ruleset.

Spell Compendium provides players and Dungeon Masters with quick access to the D&D spells they need most. Drawing from a treasure trove of sources, Spell Compendium is the one place to find spells that are referenced time and again: the best, most iconic, most popular, and most frequently used. This convenient reference introduces a new spell format that includes descriptive text.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Spell Descriptions
  • Chapter 2: Spell Lists
  • Appendix: Domain Spells


Spell Compendium compiles spells from a variety of other Dungeons & Dragons® books and updates them to use the 3.5th-edition ruleset. Spell lists are included for all spellcasting classes in the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, along with a selection of cleric domains.

Sources include Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons, Manual of the Planes, and Savage Species, along with numerous issues of Dragon and articles originally found on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Spell Compendium was reproduced as a premium reprint featuring a new cover and including errata, released on April 16, 2013.


Absorb weaponAbsorptionAbyssal armyAccelerated movementAcid breathAcid sheathAcid stormAiming at the targetAir breathingAlign fangAllegroAmanuensisAmorphous formAmplifyAnalyze portalAnarchic stormAnarchic waterAngelskinAnger of the noonday sunAnimate breathAnimate fireAnimate snowAnimate waterAnimate woodAnticipate teleportationAnticold sphereAntidragon auraAntimagic rayAnyspellAppraising touchArc of lightningArmor of darknessArrow mindArrow of boneArrow stormAspect of the earth hunterAspect of the wolfAssay spell resistanceAstral hospiceAttune formAugment familiarAura against flameAura of evasionAura of gloryAura of terrorAura of vitalityAvascular massAvasculateAvoid planar effectsAwaken constructAwaken sinAwaken undeadAxiomatic stormAxiomatic waterBabau slimeBackbiterBacklashBalancing lorecallBaleful transpositionBall lightningBalor nimbusBands of steelBarghest's feastBattering ramBattle hymnBeast clawsBeastland ferocityBeget bogunBelker clawsBenign transpositionBinding windsBite of the kingBite of the werebearBite of the wereboarBite of the wereratBite of the weretigerBite of the werewolfBlack blade of disasterBlackfireBlacklightBlade of pain and fearBlade stormBlade thirstBlades of fireBladeweaveBlast of flameBlast of forceBlessed aimBlessing of bahamutBlinding breathBlinding spittleBlindsightBlistering radianceBlood frenzyBlood siroccoBlood to waterBlood windBloodhoundBloodstarBodak's glareBody bladesBody harmonicBody of the sunBody of warBolt of gloryBolts of bedevilmentBombardmentBonefiddleBottle of smokeBrain spiderBramblesBranch to branchBreath flareBreath of the jungleBreath weapon admixtureBreath weapon substitutionBriar webBrilliant auraBrilliant bladeBristleBuoyant liftingBurning bloodBurning swordBurrowBuzzing beeCacophonic burstCacophonic shieldCall kolyarutCall marutCall zelekhutCaltropsCamouflageCapricious zephyrCast in stoneCastigateCelebrationChain missileChain of eyesCharge of the triceratopsCheatCheckmate's lightChill of the graveCircle danceClarity of mindClaws of darknessClaws of the bearClear mindClimb wallsCloak of braveryCloak of dark powerCloak of the seaCloak poolClose woundsCloud of bewildermentCloud wingsCloudburstCloudwalkersClutch of orcusCocoonCold fireCold snapCombustCometfallCone of dimnessConsumptive fieldContagious fogContagious touchContingent energy resistanceConvictionCorona of coldCorporeal instabilityCorpse candleCorrosive graspCountermoonCrabwalkCrawling darknessCreaking cacophonyCreate magic tattooCreeping coldCritical strikeCrown of gloryCrumbleCurse of ill fortuneCurse of impending bladesCurse of lycanthropyCursed bladeCutting handCyclonic blastDaggerspell stanceDance of the unicornDark wayDarkboltDarkfireDawnDead endDeadfallDeafening clangDeath armorDeath dragonDeath pactDeath throesDecompositionDecoy imageDeep breathDeeper darkvisionDefenestrating sphereDehydrateDeific vengeanceDelay deathDelay diseaseDelusions of grandeurDemon dirgeDemonhideDesiccating bubbleDetect favored enemyDevil blightDiamondsteelDinosaur stampedeDire hungerDirgeDirge of discordDiscern shapechangerDiscolor poolDisguise undeadDispel wardDispelling breathDispelling screenDisplacer formDisquietudeDissonant chantDissonant chordDistort speechDistractDistract assailantDistracting rayDivine agilityDivine insightDivine interdictionDivine protectionDivine sacrificeDolorous blowDoomtideDowndraftDraconic mightDragon allyDragon breathDragonsightDragonskinDream castingDream sightDrownDuelwardEarth lockEarth reaverEarthbindEarthen graceEarthen graspEarthfastEasy climbEasy trailEbon eyesEcho skullEctoplasmic armorEctoplasmic feedbackEffulgent epurationElectric joltElectric loopElemental bodyEmbrace the wildEmerald flame fistEnergized shieldEnergy ebbEnergy immunityEnergy spheresEnergy transformation fieldEnergy vortexEnervating breathEnhance familiarEnhance wild shapeEnrage animalEntangling staffEntice giftEnveloping cocoonEradicate earthEssence of the raptorEthereal breathEthereal chamberEthereal mountEvil glareExacting shotExcavateExplosive cascadeExpose the deadExtend tentaclesExtract water elementalEye of powerEye of the hurricaneEyes of the kingFaith healingFalse gravityFamiliar pocketFangs of the vampire kingFantastic machineFavor of the martyrFavorable sacrificeFearsome grappleFell the greatest foeField of ghoulsField of icy razorsFiendformFierce pride of the beastlandsFinal rebukeFind templeFind the gapFins to feetFire shurikenFire spidersFire strideFire wingsFirebrandFireburstFires of purityFirewardFist of stoneFlame daggerFlame of faithFlame spiralFlame whipsFlashburstFlensingFleshshiverFlight of the dragonFocusing chantFoebaneForce chestForce clawForce ladderForce missilesForcewardForcewaveForestfoldFortify familiarFortunate fateFoundation of stoneFreezeFreezing fogFrost breathFugueFuse armsG'elsewhere chantGembombGemjumpGeneral of undeathGhost touch armorGhost touch weaponGhost trapGhostformGhostharpGhoul gauntletGhoul gestureGhoul glyphGhoul lightGiant's wrathGirallon's blessingGlass strikeGlowing orbGolden bardingGolem strikeGraceGrave strikeGraymantleGreat thunderclapGreater alarmGreater anticipate teleportationGreater anyspellGreater bestow curseGreater blindsightGreater blinkGreater cloak of braveryGreater consumptive fieldGreater creeping coldGreater dimension doorGreater dispelling screenGreater disrupt undeadGreater dragon allyGreater enlarge personGreater fantastic machineGreater fireburstGreater floating diskGreater mage armorGreater mage handGreater one mindGreater planar exchangeGreater plane shiftGreater rebukeGreater reduce personGreater resistanceGreater sign of sealingGreater slideGreater spell matrixGreater stone shapeGreater stunning breathGreater vigorGreater visage of the deityGreater whirlwindGreater wings of airGuided shotGuiding lightGutsnakeHail of stoneHailstonesHamatula barbsHand of divinityHand of the faithfulHardeningHarmonic chorusHaunting tuneHawkeyeHeal animal companionHealing lorecallHealing stingHealing touchHealthful restHeart of stoneHeart ripperHeartfireHeat drainHeatstrokeHeavenly hostHellish hordeHerald's callHeroicsHidden lodgeHide from dragonsHide the pathHindsightHiss of sleepHoly mountHoly spursHoly starHoly stormHoly transformationHorrible tasteHowling chainHungry gizzardHunter's mercyHunters of hadesHurlHymn of praiseHypothermiaIce axeIce clawIce daggerIce flowersIce gauntletIce knifeIcelanceIllusory feastIllusory pitImbue familiar with spell abilityImperious glareImplacable pursuerImproved portal alarmImprovisationInciteIncorporeal enhancementIncorporeal novaIndomitabilityInfernal threnodyInfernal transformationInfernal woundInfernoInfestation of maggotsInhibitInky cloudInsidious rhythmInsightful feintInspirational boostInstant locksmithInstant refugeInstant searchInterplanar messageInterplanar telepathic bondIron bonesIron silenceIronguardIrongutsIronthunder hornJagged toothJaws of the wolfJoyful noiseJungle's raptureJunglerazerKelpstrandKiss of the vampireKnight's moveKnow greatest enemyKnow opponentKnow vulnerabilitiesLand wombLanguorLast breathLaunch boltLaunch itemLawful swordLay of the landLesser dragon allyLesser energized shieldLesser holy transformationLesser infernal transformationLesser ironguardLesser one mindLesser orb of acidLesser orb of coldLesser orb of electricityLesser orb of fireLesser orb of soundLesser planar exchangeLesser spell immunityLesser spell matrixLesser telepathic bondLesser vigorLesser visage of the deityLife boltLife wardLife's graceLight of luniaLight of mercuriaLight of venyaLightfootLightning ringLion's chargeLion's roarLionheartListening coinListening lorecallLively stepLiving printsLiving undeathLove's lamentLow-light visionLoyal vassalLucent lanceLuminous gazeMaddening screamMaddening whispersMaelstromMagic miasmaMake manifestMalevolent miasmaMantle of chaosMantle of evilMantle of goodMantle of lawMantle of the icy soulManyjawsMark of the hunterMark of the outcastMarked objectMass aidMass align fangMass align weaponMass awakenMass burrowMass camouflageMass contagionMass convictionMass curse of ill fortuneMass curse of impending bladesMass darkvisionMass death wardMass drownMass fire shieldMass flyMass lesser vigorMass mage armorMass make manifestMass reflective disguiseMass resist energyMass restorationMass resurgenceMass sanctuaryMass shield of faithMass snake's swiftnessMass snowshoesMass spell resistanceMass surefooted strideMass swimMaster airMaster earthMaster's touchMaw of chaosMaw of stoneMechanus mindMemory rotMesmerizing glareMetal meltMiasmaMiasma of entropyMind poisonMindless rageMinor disguiseMiser's envyMoment of clarityMonstrous thrallMoon bladeMoon boltMoon lustMoon pathMoonbeamMoonbowMoonfireMountain stanceMurderous mistNature's avatarNature's balanceNature's favorNature's rampartNaturewatchNauseating breathNegative energy auraNerveskitterNet of shadowsNight's caressNightmare lullabyNightshieldNightstalker's transformationNimbus of lightNixie's graceObedient avalancheOmen of perilOne mindOne with the landOoze puppetOpalescent glareOrb of acidOrb of coldOrb of electricityOrb of fireOrb of forceOrb of soundOtyugh swarmOwl's insightPanaceaPavilion of grandeurPerinarchPersistent bladePhantasmal assailantsPhantasmal decoyPhantasmal disorientationPhantasmal thiefPhantom bearPhantom foePhantom stagPhantom threatPhantom wolfPlague of ratsPlague of undeadPlanar bubblePlanar exchangePlanar perinarchPlanar tolerancePlant bodyPoison thornsPoison vinesPortal alarmPortal beaconPositive energy auraPrimal formPrismatic eyePrismatic rayProbe thoughtsProgrammed amnesiaProtection from negative energyProtection from positive energyProtã©gã©PuppeteerQuick marchQuick potionQuill blastQuillfireRadiant assaultRaging flameRainbow beamRainbow blastRaise from the deepRam's mightRapid burrowingRay deflectionRay of clumsinessRay of deanimationRay of dizzinessRay of entropyRay of flameRay of iceRay of lightRay of sicknessRay of stupidityRay of weaknessRazorfangsReality maelstromReaving dispelRebukeRebuking breathReciprocal gyreRecitationRed tideReflective disguiseRefusalRegal processionRejectionRejuvenation cocoonRejuvenative corpseRemove scentRenewal pactRepair critical damageRepair light damageRepair minor damageRepair moderate damageRepair serious damageReplicate castingResist planar alignmentResistanceResonating boltResurgenceReveilleRevenanceReverse arrowsRevive outsiderRevive undeadRevivifyRhino's rushRighteous auraRighteous furyRighteous wrath of the faithfulRing of bladesRuby ray of reversalRuin delver's fortuneRushing watersRust raySacred havenSafe clearingSafetySaltraySandblastSarcophagus of stoneScale weakeningScattersprayScentScintillating scalesScintillating sphereScorchScourgeScramble portalSeal portalSecond windSeek eternal restSense hereticSensory deprivationSerene visageServant hordeShadow bindingShadow cacheShadow formShadow handShadow landscapeShadow maskShadow phaseShadow radianceShadow sprayShadow wellShadowblastShadowfadeShadowy grapplerShard stormShare huskSharptoothShatterfloorSheltered vitalityShield of wardingShieldbearerShifting pathsShock and aweShroud of flameShroud of undeathSignSign of sealingSilent portalSilverbeardSinkSirine's graceSkeletal guardSkull watchSlapping handSlashing darknessSlideSlime waveSlow burnSmell of fearSnake's swiftnessSnakebiteSniper's eyeSniper's shotSnowball swarmSnowshoesSolipismSongbirdSonic blastSonic rumbleSonic snapSonic weaponSonic whipSonorous humSound lanceSpark of lifeSpawn screenSpeak to alliesSpectral touchSpectral weaponSpeechlinkSpell engineSpell enhancerSpell flowerSpell matrixSpell nameSpell vulnerabilitySphere of ultimate destructionSpider curseSpider plagueSpider shapesSpiderformSpiderskinSpikesSpirit wormSpiritjawsSpiritual chariotSpiritwallSplinterboltSpontaneous searchStabilizeStalking brandStalwart pactStanding waveStarvationSteeldanceStickSticky fingersSticky saddleSting rayStolen breathStone bodyStone bonesStone shatterStone sphereStone spidersStoneholdStony graspStorm of elemental furyStorm towerStormrageStrategic chargeStrength of stoneStun rayStunning breathSubmerge shipSubvert planar essenceSudden stalagmiteSummon babau demonSummon bearded devilSummon bralani eladrinSummon elemental monolithSummon elementite swarmSummon elysian thrushSummon greater elementalSummon hound archonSummon undead ISummon undead iiSummon undead iiiSummon undead ivSummon undead vSuperior invisibilitySuperior magic fangSuppress breath weaponSuppress glyphSurefootSurefooted strideSuspended silenceSwamp lungSwamp strideSwift bless weaponSwift expeditious retreatSwift flySwift hasteSwift invisibilitySwimSword of darknessSword of deceptionSymbol of spell lossSymphonic nightmareSynostodweomerTactical precisionTargeting rayTelepathic auraThornskinThunderheadThunderlanceThunderous roarTidal surgeTiger's toothTortoise shellTouch of madnessTowering oakTrain animalTranscribe symbolTransfixTranslocation trickTransmute rock to lavaTraveler's mountTreasure scentTremorTremorsenseTriadspellTrue creationTrue dominationTsunamiTunnel swallowUnbindingUndead bane weaponUndead lieutenantUndead torchUndeath's eternal foeUndermasterUndersongUnholy stormUnluckUnyielding rootsUpdraftValiant furyVeil of shadowVeil of undeathVigorVigorous circleVile deathVine mineVine strikeVipergoutVisage of the deityViscid globVision of gloryVitriolic sphereVoice of the dragonVortex of teethVulnerabilityWail of doomWall of chaosWall of dispel magicWall of evilWall of gearsWall of gloomWall of goodWall of greater dispel magicWall of lawWall of lightWall of limbsWall of sandWall of smokeWall of waterWar cryWarning shoutWaterspoutWave of griefWeapon of energyWeapon of impactWeapon of the deityWeapon shiftWeather eyeWeighed in the balanceWhirling bladeWild runnerWind at backWind tunnelWingbindWinged mountWings of airWings of the seaWinter chillWinter's embraceWither limbWithering palmWood rotWood woseWord of balanceWord of bindingWounding whispersWrackWracking touchWraithstrikeWrathful castigationXorn movementZealZealot pactZone of respiteZone of revelation



  • Designer: Matthew Sernett, Jeff Grubb, Mike McArtor
  • Development Team: Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, Mike Donais, Stephen Schubert, Rob Watkins
  • Editors: Michele Carter, Kim Mohan
  • Editing Manager: Kim Mohan
  • Design Manager: Christopher Perkins
  • Development Manager: Jesse Decker
  • Senior Art Director D&D: Stacy Longstreet
  • Director of RPG R&D: Bill Slavicsek
  • Art Director D&D: Stacy Longstreet
  • Cover Artist: Victor Moray, Nyssa Baugher
  • Interior Artists: Steven Belledin, Mitch Cotie, Chris Dien, Wayne England, Jason Engle, Carl Frank, Brian Hagan, Fred Hooper, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy Jarvis, David Martin, Jim Nelson, William O’Connor, Lucio Parrillo, Michael Phillippi, Eric Polak, Wayne Reynolds, Ron Spears, Joel Thomas, Franz Vohwinkel
  • Graphic Designer: Dee Barnett
  • Graphic Production Specialist: Angelika Lokotz
  • Image Technician: Travis Adams
  • Production Managers: Josh Fischer, Randall Crews


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