Spellcraft was a column by various authors published in Dragon magazine. The series debuted in September 2004 (Dragon #323) and ended in December 2006 (Dragon #350). The column was the successor of Arcane Lore, continuing to explore spells and their lore.


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #323 Force Spells C. Wesley Clough New force spells. [citation template]
Dragon #324 The Hidden Book Rich Burlew Discover new illusions—if you can. [citation template]
Dragon #325 Myths of the Shadow Rahul Kanakia Spells for those who stalk the shadows. [citation template]
Dragon #326 Cantrips and Orisons of the Academy of Apprentices Kieran Turley Cantrips. Minor League power; Major League cool. [citation template]
Dragon #328 Tvash-Prull's Symphony James Jacobs Enchanting musical spells. [citation template]
Dragon #330 Volume Veneficus Mike Mearls Sacred spells of the sinister Snakemen. [citation template]
Dragon #333 Visions of Fear Peter M. Ball Horrific spells. [citation template]
Dragon #334 Livre d'Aquatha Gregory Marks Water spells. [citation template]
Dragon #335 Songsabers of Waterdeep Mike Mearls Bardic spells. [citation template]
Dragon #336 The Demonomicon of Iggwilv Gary Holian and Owen K.C. Stephens Page through Iggwilv's little black book, the Demonomicon. [citation template]
Dragon #340 The Twilight Codex Gregory Marks Star spells and moon magic. [citation template]
Dragon #342 Alien Blessings Eric Cagle Spells of monstrous deities. [citation template]
Dragon #343 Worm Bound Jesse Decker Flesh-crawling spells of the worm! [citation template]
Dragon #345 Magic of the Giants Jason Bulmahn Unearth the titanic power of artifact spells. [citation template]
Dragon #350 Chronomancy Christopher Wissel New time-related spells, and notes on time-travelling campaigns. [citation template]


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