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Spellfire: Master the Magic was a collectible card game (CCG) created by TSR, Inc. and based on their popular Dungeons & Dragons role playing game. The game appeared in 1994, shortly after the introduction of Magic: The Gathering, in the wake of the success enjoyed by trading card games.[1]


Feyr Card

Example of an individual card, showing a greater feyr.

The first release had a selection of 400 cards, which included cards from the Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, and Greyhawk settings.[2] The basic set came packaged in a double deck (55 cards per deck), in three levels of rarity (Common, Uncommon, and Rare), and booster packs were also sold which included 25 additional cards not available in the basic set.[2]

The second edition starter pack fixed some misprints and replaced 20 first edition cards with 20 different chase cards. The artwork for the new chase cards consisted mostly of photos with fantasy-related artifacts or people in costume. The rest of this set remained identical to the first edition. The Ravenloft, Dragonlance, and Forgotten Realms booster series were released soon after the second edition. These were well received by players.

The third edition starter made some significant changes by adding powers to cards that previously had none, without changing the names and artwork. There were also significant rules corrections and updates. The Artifacts, Powers, Underdark, Runes & Ruins, and Birthright booster series added many new dimensions to the game.

The fourth edition came in a red and black double-pack, and featured 520 cards taken from every expansion and mainline set, augmented by over 200 new designs.[3] Cards missed from re-evaluation during the 3rd edition shake-up have been revitalized here.[3] The red box in this twin-deck pack includes a 55-card deck playable directly from the packet, while the black box includes a set of revised rules and a booster pack of 12 cards from the Dragonomicon expansion.[3] By the time the fourth edition starter pack made its debut, the future of TSR was uncertain, leading to production problems. Three more booster series, Draconomicon, Nightstalkers, and Dungeons, were released. Though they all sold out immediately, these sets were produced in small quantities. Shortly thereafter, Wizards of the Coast bought out TSR.

Before it was discontinued, Spellfire was released in six languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French) and five editions, as well as having eleven expansions or "booster sets". Several years after Wizards of the Coast acquired TSR, they announced that they would be re-releasing Spellfire, but the project was canceled.

Release Date Edition / Booster Special Features
June 1994 1st Edition First AD&D champions
August 1994 Ravenloft Rule Cards, Limbo, Power Activation
August 1994 2nd Edition 20 rares replaced from 1st Edition
September 1994 Dragonlance Racial definitions, swimmers, earthwalkers
November 1994 Forgotten Realms
May 1995 Artifacts Darksun-oriented
September 1995 Powers Avatar champion
October 1995 3rd Edition 20 additional rares replaced from 2nd Edition
December 1995 The Underdark Attack-oriented
February 1996 Runes & Ruins Unarmed combat cards
May 1996 Birthright Regents and blood abilities
July 1996 4th Edition Strengthened previous key cards
July 1996 Draconomicon Dragon-oriented
September 1996 Nightstalkers Undead-oriented
October 1997 Dungeons Dungeon card


Spellfire can accommodate any number of players with no need for changes to the rules.[2] The players try to put six Realms cards into play, and can play one per turn.[2] Holdings cards can be played on a Realm (one per Realm) to give it special qualities that help defend it from attack.[2] Heroes, Wizards, Clerics, Monsters, Spells, Magic Items, Artifacts, Allies and Events are used to defend a player's realms and also to attack the realms of other players.[2] After a realm is successfully attacked, it is considered razed and turned face down, and can only be restored through the use of other cards.[2]

Realms - Realms represent kingdoms, cities, and empires from the AD&D worlds that have sided with the player in question. The game can be won only by playing realms. It is common for a player's opponents to attack his realms or to destroy them by other means, such as spells or events. Realms are played in a pyramid-shaped formation and must be played from front to back; i.e., the first realm played goes at the top (or point) of the pyramid, the next two go in the spaces below that (left then right), and the last three go in the spaces below that. These spaces are typically labeled by letter, with the first space "A" and the last "F". In other words, the formation looks like this:

                                              B C
                                             D E F

Champions - During their turn, a player may play champions into their "pool." They may also outfit them with magic items and artifacts. Champions are probably the most important cards in the game, as they are used to attack and defend realms. The types of champions in the original game were heroes, monsters, clerics, and wizards; later, psionicists, regents, and thieves were added.

If the player at any time had no realms, razed or unrazed, in their formation, all of the cards in their pool would be discarded at the end of their turn.

Adventurers - This is a card type that gains powers based on other adventurers being in the pool. An adventurer who enters combat retains powers as if he was in the pool.

Allies - These cards are added to a champion to increase its adjusted level. They are not considered to be a specific type of champion (hero, wizard, monster, etc.) even if the picture looks like they should be. Some allies are considered to be undead, dragons, flyers, earthwalkers, or to possess some other classification related to movement or race.

Artifacts - These powerful items can be attached only to a champion from the same world as the artifact. Each champion can have only one artifact attached to him at a time.

Clerics - These champions can cast cleric spells as a part of their icon abilities. Clerics are immune to the Fear of Undead rule.

Events - These cards can be played at any time, unless a specific time to play is stated on the card. Each has a special power that takes effect immediately.

Heroes - This is a type of champion whose icon gives them the ability to use unarmed combat cards.

Holdings - A holding is attached to a realm during phase 2 of a player’s turn. A holding must be from the same world as the realm, unless otherwise stated by a special power.

Monsters - Monsters can use magical items and artifacts normally, in addition to whatever other special powers they posses. The red monster icon does not possess an icon power.

Spells - Wizards and clerics can cast spells as part of their champion’s icon ability. Wizards cast only wizard spells and clerics cast only cleric spells. Each spell lists whether it is defensive or offensive.

Thieves - This type of champion can use thief skills as part of the champion’s icon ability (the same way a cleric can cast cleric spells). Thieves can also use allies, magical items, artifacts of the same world, and any other cards allowable by their special powers.

Wizards - These champions can cast wizard spells as part of their icon abilities.


Only cards from the Forgotten Realms setting are listed.

First Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
1/400 Waterdeep Realm
2/400 Menzoberranzan Realm
3/400 Zhentil Keep Realm
4/400 Shadowdale Realm
5/400 Cormyr Realm
6/400 Sembia Realm
7/400 Moonshae Isles Realm
8/400 Thay Realm
9/400 Calimshan Realm
10/400 Pirate Isles Realm
11/400 Ravens Bluff Realm
12/400 The Great Rift Realm
13/400 Myth Drannor Realm
14/400 Vaasa Realm
15/400 Jungles of Chult Realm
16/400 High Forest Realm
17/400 Sword Coast Realm
18/400 Anauroch Realm
19/400 Impiltur Realm
20/400 Icewind Dale Realm
21/400 High Moor Realm
22/400 Rashemen Realm
23/400 Damara Realm
24/400 Narfell Realm
25/400 Dragonspear Castle Realm
26/400 Daggerdale Realm
27/400 Darkhold Realm
28/400 Haunted Hall of Eveningstar Realm
29/400 Evermeet Realm
30/400 Trollmoors, The Realm
31/400 Berdusk Holding
32/400 Tantras Holding
33/400 Mulmaster Holding
34/400 Hillsfar Holding
35/400 Suzail Holding
36/400 Arabel Holding
37/400 Fortifications Holding
38/400 Fortifications Holding
39/400 Selune Holding
40/400 Peasant Militia Holding
41/400 Alias the Sell-Sword Hero
42/400 King Azoun IV Hero
43/400 Maligor the Red Wizard
44/400 Elminster the Mage Wizard
45/400 Drizzt Do'Urden Hero
46/400 Midnight, Goddess of Magic Wizard
47/400 Torg Mac Cei Hero
48/400 The Pereghost Monster
49/400 Bruenor Battlehammer Hero
50/400 Marco Volo Hero
51/400 The Harpers Hero
52/400 Gnomes of Samek Hero
53/400 Adventurers! Hero
55/400 Crime Lord Hero
56/400 Adventurers Hero
57/400 The Jotunslayers Hero
62/400 Magister Wizard
63/400 Karlott the Shaman Cleric
64/400 King Halvor II Hero
67/400 Greater Feyr Monster
68/400 Cleric of Gond Cleric
69/400 Cleric of Torm Cleric
70/400 Cleric of Mask Cleric
71/400 Drow Matron Wizard
72/400 Dracolich Monster
73/400 Vasos Flameslayer Hero
74/400 Allisa of the Mists Hero
75/400 Grypht the Saurial Wizard
76/400 Worden Ironfist Hero
77/400 Amarill Cleric
78/400 Joliet the Rash Hero
79/400 Dwarf of Earthfast Hero
80/400 Black Courser Monster
82/400 Dagrande Hero
83/400 Mind Flayer Ally
85/400 Hubadai Hero
87/400 Shandrill Hero
89/400 Cleric of Malar Cleric
93/400 Rod of Shapechange Artifact
198/400 Border Forts Holding

Second Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
404/420 Chaos Shield Artifact
408/420 Living Scroll Monster
409/420 Ren’s Bell of Death Artifact
410/420 Labyrinth Map of Shucc Artifact
417/420 Mind Flayer Lord Monster

Third Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
003/400 Ruins of Zhentil Keep Realm
037/400 Castle Draw Holding
431/440 Prismal the Outrageous Wizard
432/440 Malatra, the Living Jungle Realm
433/440 Mayor Charles Oliver O'Kane Hero
434/440 Bengoukee the Witch Doctor Wizard
435/440 Big Chief Bagoomba Hero

Fourth Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
1/520 Menzoberranzan Realm
2/520 Ruins of Zentil Keep Realm
3/520 Sembia Realm
4/520 Myth Drannor Realm
5/520 Icewind Dale Realm
6/520 Damara Realm
7/520 Daggerdale Realm
8/520 Evermeet Realm
9/520 The Trollmoors Realm
10/520 The Coral Kingdom Realm
11/520 Raurin Realm
12/520 The Vilhon Reach Realm
13/520 Giant's Run Mountains Realm
73/520 Mulmaster Holding
74/520 Blackstaff Tower Holding
75/520 Candlekeep Holding
76/520 Mithral Hall Holding
77/520 Moonwell Holding
78/520 Nagawater Holding
79/520 Tilverton Holding
80/520 Lhespenbog Holding
81/520 Adderswamp Holding
253/520 Drizzt Do'Urden Hero
254/520 The Harpers Hero
255/520 Helm Hero
262/520 Pereghost Monster
263/520 Dracolich Monster
264/520 Stone Giant Monster
271/520 Elminster the Mage Wizard
272/520 Vangerdahast Wizard
273/520 Ambassador Carrague Wizard
280/520 Amaril Cleric
281/520 Clerics of Malar Cleric
282/520 Adon Cleric
316/520 Borin Moradinson Cleric
317/520 Mallin Dimmerswill Cleric
318/520 Arden Glimrock Cleric
319/520 Drider Monster
320/520 Eye Tyrant Monster
321/520 Roper Monster
322/520 Malleyahl Hero
323/520 Malaruat Hero
324/520 Maleficent Hero
325/520 Isika Hero
334/520 Iserik Hero
455/520 The Ring of Winter Artifact
458/520 Guenhwyvar Artifact
485/520 Titania Wizard
486/520 Verenestra Cleric
487/520 Midnight, Goddess of Magic Wizard
516/520 Towers of Menzoberranzan Holding

Ravenloft Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
001/100 Barovia Realm
013/100 Har'Akir Realm
016/100 Castle Ravenloft Holding
036/100 Animate rock Cleric spell
037/100 Word of recall Cleric spell
038/100 Glyph of warding Cleric spell
039/100 Call lightning Cleric spell
040/100 Prayer Cleric spell
041/100 Turn undead Cleric spell
042/100 Imbue with spell ability Cleric spell
043/100 Insect plague Cleric spell
044/100 Plane shift Cleric spell
045/100 Heal Cleric spell
046/100 Shadow magic Wizard spell
047/100 Shades Wizard spell
048/100 Vampiric touch Wizard spell
049/100 Hold person Wizard spell
050/100 Detect magic Wizard spell
055/100 Chill touch Wizard spell
056/100 Tarokka deck Magical item
058/100 Ring of regeneration Magical item
073/100 Flesh golem Ally
074/100 Ghost ship Ally
077/100 Spectre Ally
078/100 Vistani Ally
079/100 Loup-garou Ally
080/100 Werebat Ally
086/100 Dr. Rudolph Van Richten Hero
087/100 Harkon Lukas Monster
100/100 Strahd von Zarovich Monster

Forgotten Realms Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
001/100 Tarrasque Event
002/100 Black Bess Event
003/100 Caer Allison Event
004/100 Curse of the Azure Bonds Event
005/100 Cyrinishad Event
006/100 Darkwalker War Event
007/100 Dead Magic Zone Event
008/100 Horde Event
009/100 Lady Luck Event
010/100 Wild Magic Surge Event
011/100 Coral Kingdom Realm
012/100 Halruaa Realm
013/100 Kozakura Realm
014/100 Luiren Realm
015/100 Maztica Realm
016/100 Mulhorand Realm
017/100 Raurin Realm
018/100 Shou Lung Realm
019/100 Blackstaff Tower Holding
020/100 Candlekeep Holding
021/100 High Horn Holding
022/100 Mithril Hall Holding
023/100 Moonwell Holding
024/100 Pook's Palace Holding
025/100 Yulash Holding
026/100 Tower of Ashaba Holding
027/100 Aerial Servant Cleric Spell
028/100 Creeping Doom Cleric Spell
029/100 Earthquake Cleric Spell
030/100 Illusory Fortification Cleric Spell
031/100 Quest Cleric Spell
032/100 Raise Dead Cleric Spell
033/100 Reincarnate Cleric Spell
034/100 Resurrection Cleric Spell
035/100 Shadow Engines Cleric Spell
036/100 Symbol of Hopelessness Cleric Spell
037/100 Word of Recall Cleric Spell
038/100 Zone of Truth Cleric Spell
039/100 Death Link Cleric Spell
040/100 Find Familiar Cleric Spell
041/100 Great Shout Cleric Spell
042/100 Hallucinatory Terrain Wizard Spell
043/100 Limited Wish Wizard Spell
044/100 Time Stop Wizard Spell
045/100 Water Breathing Wizard Spell
046/100 Wish Wizard Spell
047/100 Deck of Many Things Magical Item
048/100 Dragonslayer Magical Item
049/100 Flametongue Magical Item
050/100 Frostbrand Magical Item
051/100 Gauntlets of Swimming Magical Item
052/100 Helm of Water Breathing Magical Item
053/100 Horn of Blasting Magical Item
054/100 Ring of Jumping Magical Item
055/100 Slippers of Spider Climbing Magical Item
056/100 Vorpal Blade Magical Item
057/100 Wand of Wonder Magical Item
058/100 Dragon Throne Artifact
059/100 Guenhwyvar Artifact
060/100 Hammer of Tyr Artifact
061/100 Ring of Winter Artifact
062/100 Sword of Cymrych Hugh Artifact
063/100 Bloodriders Ally
064/100 Dragonclaw Ally
065/100 Flaming Fist Ally
066/100 Halfling, Inc. Ally
067/100 Kuo Toa Ally
068/100 Locathah Ally
069/100 Mad Monkey Ally
070/100 Ninjas Ally
071/100 Olive Ruskettle Ally
072/100 Orcs of Dragonspear Ally
073/100 Orcs of the Savage Frontier Ally
074/100 Pseudodragon Ally
075/100 Red Wizards Ally
076/100 Sahuagin Ally
077/100 Samurai Ally
078/100 Darkenbeast Monster
079/100 Firbolg Monster
080/100 Iron Golem Monster
081/100 Storm Giant Monster
082/100 Stone Giant Monster
083/100 Werewolf Monster
084/100 Adon Cleric
085/100 Erixitl Cleric
086/100 Fzoul Chembryl Cleric
087/100 Young Robyn Cleric
088/100 Ambassador Carrague Wizard
089/100 Helm Hero
090/100 Simbul of Aglarond Wizard
091/100 Vangerdahast Wizard
092/100 Cyric Hero
093/100 Dragonbait Hero
094/100 Khelben Arunsun Wizard
095/100 Ochimo Hero
096/100 Prince Tristan Hero
097/100 Princess Alusair Hero
098/100 Randal Morn Hero
099/100 Time of Troubles Rule
100/100 Tablets of Fate Rule

Forgotten Realms Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
01/25 Thrice Hearty Cup of Balder the Red Cleric Spell
02/25 Cold Cup of Calamity Event
03/25 Vessel of Vaporous Stones Event
04/25 Mug of the Earthbound Wizard Spell
05/25 Hawksflight Grail Artifact
06/25 Vessel of Misty Passage Event
07/25 Teapot of the Golden Temple Magical Item
08/25 Ebony Cup of Fate Artifact
09/25 Hero’s Chalice Magical Item
10/25 Day That Will Live in Infamy Event
11/25 Unusually Good Fortune Event
12/25 Apple of His Eye Event
13/25 Golden Touch Wizard Spell
14/25 Feather Flight Wizard Spell
15/25 Golden Barter Wizard Spell
16/25 Dagger of Deception Magical Item
17/25 Wyrm of Earthwalking Magical Item
18/25 Bell of Might Magical Item
19/25 Muragh Brilstagg Ally
20/25 Phase Door Wizard Spell
21/25 Wine of Eternity Event
22/25 Spellblades Magical Item
23/25 Netheril Realm
24/25 Lure of Undermountain Rule
25/25 Zhentarim Intrigue Rule

Artifacts Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
001/100 Wand of Orcus Artifact
005/100 Machine of Lum Artifact
009/100 Teeth of Dahlver-Nar Artifact
010/100 All-Knowing Eye of Yasmin Sira Artifact
011/100 Coin of Jisan the Bountiful Artifact
017/100 Girdle of giant strength Magical item
018/100 Hammer of thunderbolts Magical item
019/100 Gauntlets of ogre power Magical item
020/100 Winged boots Magical item
021/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #1 Magical Item
022/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #2 Magical Item
023/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #3 Magical Item
024/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #4 Magical Item
025/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #5 Magical Item
026/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #6 Magical Item
027/100 Rod of 7 Parts, #7 Magical Item
028/100 Bag of holding Magical Item
029/100 Daern's instant fortress Magical Item
041/100 Roc Ally
045/100 Pegasus Ally
047/100 Erica of Dark Watch Ally
049/100 Flying carpet Magical item
052/100 Marilith, Tanar'ri Ally
053/100 Temporal stasis Event
056/100 Reverse gravity Wizard spell
058/100 Mirror image Wizard spell
060/100 Prismatic spray Wizard spell
071/100 Dragon turtle Monster
076/100 Drawmij Wizard
079/100 Hornung the Anarch Wizard
080/100 Invisible stalker Monster
085/100 Darsson Spellmaker Wizard
086/100 Council Aerie Realm
087/100 Shining Lands Realm
099/100 Thought eater Ally

Artifacts Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
07/20 Lord Blacktree Hero
11/20 Forbiddance Cleric spell
12/20 Bigby's clenched fist Wizard spell
13/20 Fire charm Wizard spell
14/20 Thunder staff Magical item
15/20 Spectral hand Wizard spell
19/20 Smoke powder pistol Magical item

Powers Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
016/100 Jacenelle Traen Psionicist
039/100 Icedawn, Avatar of Auril Cleric
040/100 Nightsinger, Avatar of Shar Cleric
053/100 Crabman Monster
054/100 Aquatic Elf Monster
055/100 Ixitxachitl Monster
057/100 Locathah Champion Monster
058/100 Living Wall Monster
059/100 Tako Monster
061/100 Skriaxit, Composit Elemental Monster
062/100 Mountain Giant Monster
063/100 Grippli Monster

The Underdark Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
007/100 UnderToril Realm
016/100 Echoes from the Deep Holding
034/100 Necklace of protection Magical Item
037/100 Hornung's guess Wizard Spell
038/100 Hornung's baneful deflector Wizard Spell
039/100 Maximilian's earthen grasp Wizard Spell
041/100 Lorloveim's creeping shadow Wizard Spell
042/100 Locate creature Wizard Spell
043/100 Summon lycanthrope Wizard Spell
044/100 Mind fog Wizard Spell
045/100 Bloodstone's spectral steed Wizard Spell
046/100 Summon undead Cleric Spell
048/100 Wolf spirits Cleric Spell
050/100 The South Wind Artifact
051/100 Animal horde Cleric Spell
060/100 Tentacle walls Cleric Spell
061/100 Timelessness Cleric Spell
062/100 Hovering road Cleric Spell
063/100 Breath of death Cleric Spell
066/100 Moradin's Avatar Cleric
072/100 The Avatar Shar Cleric
073/100 Baelnorn Ally
074/100 Chitine Ally
075/100 Crypt servant Ally
076/100 Foulwing Ally
078/100 Magebane Ally
079/100 Sword slug Ally
080/100 Skum Monster
082/100 Corpse dragon Monster
083/100 Earth weird Monster
084/100 Gorynych Monster
086/100 Gibbering mouther Monster
087/100 Umber hulk Monster
088/100 Mind flayer Monster
089/100 Myconid Monster
091/100 Belwar Dissengulp Hero
092/100 Jarlaxle Hero
094/100 Zaknafein the Weapons Master Hero
095/100 Baldar Dwellardon Cleric

The Underdark Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
01/25 Lazarus, the Drow Psionicist

Runes & Ruins Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
006/100 The City of Phlan Realm
009/100 Demonweb Pits Realm
013/100 Desert of Desolation Realm
026/100 Tenser's Castle Holding
028/100 Bigby the Great Wizard
029/100 Tenser the Archmage Wizard
034/100 Vecna the Arch Lich Monster
037/100 Ren-O-The Blade Hero
038/100 Acererak the Eternal Monster
039/100 Wulfgar Hero
046/100 Mordenkainen's disjunction Wizard Spell
047/100 Slay living Cleric Spell
048/100 Intercession Cleric Spell
049/100 Conjure earth elemental Cleric Spell
050/100 Conjure fire elemental Cleric Spell
051/100 Conjure air elemental Cleric Spell
052/100 Conjure water elemental Cleric Spell
053/100 Crystalbrittle Wizard Spell
054/100 Energy drain Wizard Spell
055/100 Tyranthraxus, the Possessing Spirit Event
068/100 Tenser's Crystal Ball Artifact
069/100 Albruin Artifact
070/100 Blackrazor Artifact
071/100 Wave Artifact
074/100 Star Gem of Martek: Opal Magical Item
075/100 Star Gem of Martek: Sapphire Magical Item
076/100 Star Gem of Martek: Ruby Magical Item
077/100 Star Gem of Martek: Clear Crystal Magical Item
078/100 Star Gem of Martek: Amethyst Magical Item
084/100 Remorhaz Ally
087/100 Hydra Ally
088/100 Red dragon Ally
089/100 Rampaging Oni Ally

Runes & Ruins Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
06/25 Manshoon of the Zhentarim Wizard

Dracomonicon Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
1/100 Rauglothgor’s Lair Realm
4/100 Dragonspine Mountains Realm
14/100 The Mist Caves Holding
28/100 Pelath the Bronze Dragon Wizard
30/100 Tamarand, Great Gold Wyrm Cleric
31/100 Lareth, King of Justice Wizard
33/100 Fi Lendicol Wizard
34/100 Rauglothgor Monster

Dracomonicon Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
4/25 Morcanth Dragontamer Hero
9/25 Dragon Cultist Cleric

NightStalker Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
3/100 Mintarn Realm
4/100 Nelanther Realm
13/100 Forgotten Crypt Holding
17/100 Hellgate Keep Holding
29/100 Artemis Entreri Thief
30/100 Daryth of Calimshan Thief
31/100 Storm Silverhand Thief
45/100 Mask Thief
54/100 Herald of Mei Lung Artifact
66/100 Crawling Claws Monster

NightStalker Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
20/25 Gib Reltub Thief

Dungeons! Edition[]

Number Card Name Card Type
33/100 Tower by the Sea Realm
35/100 The Hidden Village Realm
41/100 Jasper Hero
44/100 Dearlyn Ambersong Wizard
57/100 Net of Ensnaring Artifact
94/100 Ball Lightning Wizard Spell

Dungeons! Chase Cards[]

Number Card Name Card Type
9/25 Lilac Hesabon Hero
15/25 Shan, Karate Master Hero
20/25 Poor Oriental Lord Thief
25/25 Dor Amberglow Hero


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