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Spellgard (formerly known as Saharelgard) was the ruin of an ancient castle complex dating from the Netherese Empire located on a rocky ridge, northeast of Llorkh, where the southern edge of the Fallen Lands meets the eastern edge of the former Anauroch desert.[1]


A few structures remained largely intact, such as the imposing Scepter Tower,[2] and the Fountain Hall, home to a dozen splendid, sculpted waterspouts and plants that grew abundantly under their spray.[3]

Spellgard sat atop its own spring. Ancient spells pumped water through hundreds of fountains and pools, and in one vast cellar room was a large well. The castle halls and chambers were predominantly cool, dim, and damp, ideal for fungal growth.[3]. Because of its water source, until the return of Thultanthar and the regrowth of the Anauroch, Spellgard was a popular destination for the Bedine and other desert folk, and a strategic stopping-place for outsiders about to enter the Anauroch desert.[1]


Spellgard was once ruled by Lady Saharel, a high mage of ancient Netheril.[4] At its apogee, Saharelgard was a rich storehouse of wealth, mighty magic, as well as luxurious dress, decoration, furnishings, and food. Subsequently it was a ruin, largely stripped of its riches by time, thieves, and abundant mosses, molds, and fungi that grew in its halls. It was a huge place of turrets, towers, crumbling walls, archways, balconies, and mile upon mile of interlinked stairs, galleries, and chambers.[1].

A little-known, one-way magical gate in a cellar-cavern of the High Castle in the High Dale (which pierced the Thunder Peaks to link Cormyr and Sembia, in the Dragonreach lands) led to a grand inner hall of Spellgard. Anyone taking this magical transport would have to step out over the reeking cesspool of the High Castle at just the right place, and in just the right direction. A misstep meant submersion in the cesspool; the proper step took the user instantly into a cold, shadowed hall, lit by glowing mosses: Archmitre Hall, in the center of Spellgard.[5]



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