A Spellmoot (or spellmoot[1]) was an annual meeting of mages related to spells. It was considered a smaller form of the Magefairs once held every decade.[2][note 1]


The custom of spellmoots was an ancient one. The sage Alphraxis, an author who wrote on the history and nature of Skullport, recorded that the Netherese wizards who founded the Sargauth Enclave in the 8th century before Dalereckoning chose their Underdark location so they could still attend annual spellmoots on the surface.[1]

Halaster Blackcloak, before his madness, was credited with beginning the tradition of holding Spellmoots annually and Magefairs every ten years and doing so in different, remote locations around Faerûn.[2][3]



  1. Since the Magefair has changed from being held every decade to every year, it appears that it supplanted the annual Spellmoot.

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