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A spellscar was a lesser form of the plaguechanged affliction.[1]


Spellscars were charged with powerful arcane power. Those few who could master their spellscars to their gain, were able to manifest strange arcane powers that gave them mastery over fire-based abilities or abilities that could warp or deform reality in some form.[2][3] Some could even tap into spellfire.[4]


Spellscars usually leave no visible mark, although some appeared as physical deformities. However, all spellscars left a marking of blue flame of some form in the bodies of those afflicted that manifested when the spellscar was activated.[5]

Creatures that ventured close to plaguelands often gained spellscars, although in some isolated cases a spellscar could manifest even in people that never had been close to a plagueland,[5] as the plague could be inherited by blood.[3]


Spellscars first appeared as a consequence of the Spellplague of 1385 DR. In the following years, some creatures and factions, like the Order of Blue Flame, often sought out to obtain spellscars in what were referred to as Scar Pilgrimages.[5]


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