Spellshire was a minor county of Tethyr ruled by the famous wizard Gamalon Idogyr.[1]


County Spellshire was located north of the Sulduskoon River. It bordered the Forest of Tethir in the west, the country of Amn in the north, and County Valashar of the Golden Marches in the east.[3] It was one of the Crown Lands and was composed primarily of small farming villages.[1]


The Court Sage of Tethyr, Count Gamalon Idogyr, ruled over Spellshire in 1370 DR from his home at Shildamere.[1]


Before the Tethyrian Interregnum, the headship of Spellshire belonged to Gamalon's family, and this was restored to him after the civil war.[1]

Spellshire suffered the same problems with an influx of monsters from the Forest of Tethir as did its southern neighbor, County Varyth. In addition, its northern border was under contention with Amn in 1370 DR, as the town of Trailstone had defected to join Tethyr.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The manor home of the count and countess.[1]
Seminary of St. Ostus 
This school for general education also contained the largest scriptorium outside of Candlekeep and Silverymoon.[1]




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