Spellsingers (also known as song mages[2] or, in the case of cleric/bard spellsingers, circle dancers) were rare practitioners of an ancient elven bardic tradition.[3]


Spellsingers were almost always bards (or multi-classed bards, particularly wizard/bard). They were usually elves living in elven homelands, but there were a few half-elven spellsingers and at least one human (Danilo Thann) with distant elven heritage. Spellsingers had the ability to be a part of the Weave, as opposed to bards alone, who accessed the Weave through their music and poetry. In that way, spellsingers were much more flexible than bards and could become more powerful.[3]


Spellsingers had an ability to use spellsong, enabling them to replace a memorized spell with an enchantment of lower level. Spellsong always required verbal (singing) and somatic (playing an instrument) components.[3] Spellsingers were considered specialists for spells from the school of song.[2]

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