Spider's Bane was a magical greatsword.[1]


In addition to being a powerfully enchanted blade, Spider's Bane also protected its wielder from effects that affected movement, such as the spell web.[1]


Spider's Bane was crafted by dwarves from Clan Orothiar, based out of the Cloakwood. The greatsword was gifted to the Council of Four, the ruling body of Baldur's Gate, for the purpose of fostering goodwill between the two organizations. The Grand Dukes of Baldur's Gate wielded Spider's Bane for a century, but it was eventually lost in a fight againt ettercaps and spiders.[1]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Chelak and his brother Tiber found Spider's Bane. Aware of the sword's powers, and seeking fame and fortune, they sought to clear out a giant spider colony in the Cloakwood. Chelak went into the colony alone, where he ended up killed by spiders. Tiber, distraught at his brother's disappearance, lingered in the forest for over a week, seeking adventurers who could find Chelak for him. He eventually encountered Gorion's Ward, who returned Chelak's body to Tiber. Overcome with grief, Chelak gave Spider's Bane to the Ward.[1]



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