A spider fang was a type of magic dagger with the power to create and cut through webs.[1]


It was black or dark purple in color.[1]


It was a magical +1, or +3 dagger,[2] that had the ability to cut through natural and magical webs without getting stuck, allowing the wielder to move through webbed areas with more ease.[1]

Once per day each, it could both weave a web and a curtain made of cobwebs. This was 10-feet-square (3m) and was suitable for hiding or concealment. If a curtain was created and a creature touched it, it collapsed and damaged the creature with acid.[1]


Creating of a spider fang dagger involved the use of ichor and web silk from driders or large spiders,[2] and required use of the spells grease, acid arrow, possibly shield,[2] and web,[1]


The daggers were worth 11,782 gp.[1]



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