A spider staff was an ornate adamantine quarterstaff.[1]


Spider staves appeared to be as long as drow were tall, and were black in color. Close to the top of the staves were small black-and-silver protrusions that potentially functioned as grips where they were held. The uppermost parts of spider staves were fashioned into the shape of spiders.[1]


In addition to bludgeoning opponents as would standard quarterstaves, spider staves poisoned their foes when hit. The staves would also allow the wielder to cast spider climb and web without the need for spellcasting components, but they could only access this power if they had potential to learn the spells individually. In addition to these abilities, each successful hit would be critical, causing more damage to any objects struck.[1]

Each spider staff could hold up to ten charges, and expended one each time spider climb was cast, and two for each time web was. They could recharge six to ten charges a day, but had a chance of being destroyed in the process.[1]

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