Spiderskin was a transmutation spell that hardened the recipient's skin.[1][2]


On casting spiderskin and touching the target, the target's skin was enshrouded in a yellow light that disappeared after a short time. The skin was then hardened like a carapace.[2] The specialty about this spell was that it could be used to harden already hard and tough skin as long as the original skin toughness did not originate from magic. The degree to which the skin hardened increased with the caster's skill.[1]


Spiderskin required somatic, verbal, and material components in the form of a spider leg piece[2] when it was cast as an arcane spell. Divine spellcasters needed to substitute the material component with a divine focus.[1]


The rod of webspinning required the casting of a spiderskin spell alongside a freedom of movement and web spell. A staff of spider required the casting of the spell alongside a spider climb and a summon swarm spell to craft.[4]



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