Spinagons (pronounced: /ˈspɪnɛgɒnzSPIN-eh-gonz[7]), or spined devils,[3] were porcupine-like fiends.


Spinagon were 3 feet (0.9 meter) in height, making them the smallest of the baatezu. They resembled gargoyles but covered in razor-sharp spines. Their wings allowed them to fly and they had long claws on ther feet.[1]


Like other baatezu, spingaon were cruel and relished in the torture of other creatures. Due to their size, they formed groups to torture a larger creature.[5]

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Although they could be found on all the layers of the Nine Hells, they were most common in the middle layers of Minauros, Phlegethos, Stygia, Malbolge and Maladomini.[1]

Spinagons were used as messengers, scouts and spies throughtout the Nine Hells.[5][1] Spinagons were also used to create armies, herding lemures and nupperibos for their baatezu lord. They were loyal to their lord and took their duties seriously.[1]


Spinagons avoided combat whenever possible[1] If forced into combat, they preferred to attack a target from the air, using their body spikes as projectiles, which exploded into flame on contact.[3] If forced into melee combat, they would attempt to summon other spinagons, or use their magical abilities to allow for a retreat. Their body spikes regenerate at a fast rate and had a range of 30 feet (9 meters).[5]

A spinagon could cast at will change self, produce flame, scare and stinking cloud. One per day they could summon other spinagons.[5]


Several spined devils guarded Zeeahd during his quest to find the Abbey of the Rose. In this instance, they hid inside the skins of cats, coming out only when bid by Zeeahd.[8]


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