The Spindle was an enormous mountain located in the center of the planet H'Catha. Standing over 1,000 miles (1,600 km) tall and 200 miles (322 km) wide at its base, the Spindle was the tallest mountain in all of Realmspace.[1]


The summit of the Spindle was constantly covered in dark and stormy clouds which made it impenetrable to most forms of sight.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was said that whoever successfully climbed the Spindle starting from its base and all the way to the top, following a particular (but hard to locate) trajectory, would be granted complete knowledge of the entire universe. Creatures who reached the top needed exceptionally large brains to be able to store that amount of information without going irrevocably insane. For that reason, it was believed that the Spindle had been created by the gods of the beholders in order to remind them of their original purpose in case they strayed from it.[1]

The different species of beholders living on H'Catha constantly fought amongst themselves in their attempts to be the first to climb the mountain. They constantly brought down any other groups that appeared to gain an advantage in the climb in an endless cycle of battles and destruction.[1]

One of the few beholders that had successfully climbed the Spindle was Large Luigi. Upon realizing that the original purpose of the beholders was to acquire all possible information and to become the ultimate information dealers of the universe, he was shunned by other beholders and moved to live as a bartender on the Rock of Bral.[1]



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