Spirit nagas are the most powerful type of naga. They have a human female head on a snake body and are akin to witches, among the naga races.[3] They are even more mysterious and enigmatic than the others of their kind, seeking lost magic to a fanatical extent. They delight in causing suffering and death with the powers they possess.[citation needed]


Spirit nagas have serpentine bodies with black scales and red markings. Their humanoid faces are framed with stringy hair. The bite of a spirit naga is deadly, as it contains venom. The eyes of the creature are no better, as their gaze can cause to who look to fall under the control of the naga. The average spirit naga is 14 feet long and weighs about 300 pounds.[citation needed]


Spirit nagas meet their foes boldly.[3]


In Chult, spirit nagas often took the role of chieftain over pterafolk tribes.[4]



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A spirit naga was seen in The Harpers Series book three Red Magic. Here she was the personal assistant of the Zulkir of transmutation Maligor. She was depicted as mostly humanoid with the only distinction being that she had a snake tail instead of legs and a small forked tongue.

Except for her natural form, she had the abilities to morph into others shapes. Maligor used that ability, to replace the manager of Thays gold mines, thereby taking control of them. This was all part of a complicated plot with the purpose of getting rid of the zulkir of necromancy, his most powerful adversary.

In all of this she showed great loyalty to him, and an ability to commit to a complicated plot, both of which indicated that she was not chaotic evil. More likely she was of a neutral evil alignment.(it is more plausible that Maligors servant, Asp, is a Shinomen naga of the asp kind, from the Oriental Adventures, in the book she is referred to as a "Daga")