Spite Harrowdale was a thousand-year-old archmage who posed as a 12-year-old apprentice mage in the magical academy of Dweomercore during the 15th century DR.[1][2]


Spite was extremely intelligent; he was fluent in a number of languages and possessed great talent as a practitioner of the Art.[2]

He appeared as a young Rashemi boy who demonstrated typical magical skill for someone that age. He owed his youthful appearance to regular imbibing of potions of longevity.[2]


Spite viewed the "Mad Mage" Halaster Blackcloak as a superior magical power and wanted to learn as much as he could from the similarly ancient wizard. He viewed his time in Undermountain as a grand adventure.[1]

While enrolled in Dweomercore, Spite came to realize that the headmaster of the academy was not actually Halaster Blackcloak, but rather an arcanaloth assuming his form. Spite maintained a similar deception, demonstrating competence in only the most basic spells to maintain his ruse of being a pre-adolescent magic student. Unlike Spite's classmates, the arcanaloth saw through the archmage's deceit as well and kept a close eye on his activities.[2]

While he was enrolled within the academy, in the late 15th century DR, Spite sought to steal Halaster Blackcloak's personal spellbook.[3]


The archmage was accompanied by an oni mage named Kumar who, like Spite, altered their appearance to that of a half-orc woman named "Dumara".[2] Kumar saw Spite as an older brother figure, while the archmage felt that the oni was his only true confidant.[3]


Within his personal dormitory, Spite kept the two volumes of his spellbooks, the Spells of Spite. They were hidden within a Leomund's secret chest,[4] in a room protected by a glyph of warding.[5]


Before he joined the academy of Dweomercore, during the 14th century DR. Spite lived in Undermountain within the realm of Wyllowwood.[6] He met Kumar after the oni had found his way into Trobriand's Graveyard by means of a portal, and the two spent their time creating magical traps that caught interlopers who dared trespass into the deeper layers of Undermountain.[7]

He and Kumar made their home within a set of ruins nestled into an isle in the middle of the River of the Depths. In addition to his room, he had a small laboratory and holding cells that housed the subjects of his arcane experimentation.[6]




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