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Spitting felldrakes, sometimes called spitting drakes,[1] were a species of felldrake best known for their ability to spit acid.[2]


Spitting felldrakes resembled very small, wingless dragons with long, sinuous bodies.[2]


Spitting drakes had very low levels of intelligence.[1] However, they were fierce and loyal, and naturally good at heart, thanks to their divine heritage. However, they were also impulsive and eager to attack.[2]


Spitting felldrakes were named for their ability to spit acidic venom at targets up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) away.[1][2] Like other felldrakes, they were immune to magic that caused sleep or paralysis.[2]


Spitting drakes instinctively attacked one target at a time, singlemindedly attacking until that enemy went down. In groups, they naturally all ganged up on a single enemy.[1]


Felldrakes were carnivorous creatures that preferred to live in temperate plains, hills, or forests. Their snaky bodies also made them well-suited for underground expeditions that elves were averse to.[2] On their own in the wild, spitting felldrakes congregated in clutches of 3-5 individuals,[1][2] and they were occasionally known to live alongside crested felldrakes or in groups dominated by a single rage drake.[1]

A spitting drake stands between a rage drake and a pseudodragon.

Though a bit difficult to manage, some humanoids besides elves were known to have domesticated spitting felldrakes and trained them to act as guards,[1] including humans, kobolds,[3] and goblinoids.[4]


Spitting felldrakes were originally created by Bahamut to help guard elves against future invasions after a group of elven wizards helped the Platinum Dragon turn back a demonic incursion.[2]

Around 1479 DR, spitting drakes were domesticated and used by a tribe of goblinoids living within Undermountain.[4]

Around that same time, a spitting felldrake was sucked into Undermountain through one of Halaster Blackcloak's remaining portals. The drake wandered around the dungeon for some time, until it was captured by the vampire Dayan for use in his necromantic rituals.[5]



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