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Spitting spiders were a type of monstrous spider that could be found in the Realms.[2]


Despite being very large, these spiders had surprisingly small bodies.[2]


these spiders were capable of spraying a pale yellow poison from their fangs. They were also noted for their agility.[2]


After spraying the nearest target with poison a spitting spider would pounce upon and whack them with its front legs to further weaken the victim before its toxin took affect. When being used as a mount, they coordinated attacks with their riders.[2]


In the late 15th century DR, spitting spiders could be found in the Gnarlroot Caves beneath Sharandar.[3] Around that time they could also be found in the pit fights conducted by the Gray Wolf tribe in Vellosk.[1]

In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, an expedition of drow slavers from House Xorlarrin laid siege to a small farming town in Rothé Valley and employed many spiders in this effort, including spitting spiders.[1]

By 1493 DR, spitting spiders could be found in many parts of Undermountain.[4]



These creatures could be found in the Underdark of Toril. They were particularly known to be found in the Whispering Caverns.[1]


Drow were sometimes known to use these creatures as mount.[2]


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