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Splendarrmornn was the capital city of the shield dwarf kingdom of Ammarindar during the Age of the Proud People and Age of Humanity,[1] and served as the seat of power for many dwarven kings.[3] It was located under the westernmost summit of the Greypeak Mountains near the High Forest in the North.[1]


The royal city consisted of a massive, central vault with vast halls that extended outward through the caverns beneath the Greypeaks. These chambers were connected by a network of tunnels that had stone paths that resembled subterranean roads. The only entrance that linked the royal caverns to the surface of Toril was located behind the Shining Falls, far above the waters of the Delimbiyr river.[1]

It featured massive, striking gates that were made of pure, black adamantine.[1]

Notable Locations[]


The city fell with the rest of Ammarindar when the demonic forces of Ascalhorn devastated the lands of the North in 882 DR.[2] Much of the wealth of the royal city was plundered by the Scoured Legion in 1220 DR when they took over the ruins of Ammarindar and established their underground city.[4][3]

The existence of these demonic orcs in Splendarrmornn was discovered by the Harpers some time in the 13th or 14th centuries DR.[3]

In the year 1372 DR, the ruins of Splendarrmornn were taken over by a group of several hundred orogs, under the charge of their leader Ufarskaddun. After discovering a few tanarukk within the royal caverns, he ordered the execution of the remaining abominations, unaware of the power of the Scoured Legion.[1]