The spotted plague was one of the Three Plagues of Faerûn,[2] a disease highlighted by blistering boils that burst, leaving scattering spots of pock marks.[1]


The spotted plague was spread by skin-to-skin contact and took effect in one day.[2]

When infected, an individual's flesh broke out in swollen pustules referred to as "spots" or "festers". They eventually burst and left behind permanent pocks scars.[1]

The infection ran throughout the internal structures of the body, rotting away nearly all types of tissues. It caused a temporary loss of balance, reasoning, and sense of spatial awareness, and occasionally vision. In nearly all cases the sense of smell was lost, and this was nearly always permanent.[1]

If a victim of the disease survived past the first two days and nights, a time fraught with mortality, they were usually ensured survival as the plague ran its course. These fortunate souls were often extremely sick for a matter of days and experienced notable weakness for around a month.[1]



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