Sprites were the warrior relatives of pixies. They were fierce defenders of good wherever they dwelt, and were also firm judges of other creatures' hearts and intentions.[2]


Because of their austerity and zealous attitude against evil, sprites were considered overly sullen and harsh by other fey. Unlike pixies, they did not care to engage in fun activities or adorn themselves. However, they were excellent judges of character, and could always sense another creature's real nature and emotions. They were quick to ally with good-natured creatures, and would come to their aid even at unexpected times.[2]


Sprites were expert brewers of toxins, poisons, and antidotes. In particular, they favored a potent sleep poison with which they coated their arrows. They usually harvested the ingredients for these toxins in forests, even venturing into dangerous areas to find them, but were not above stealing some from hags' gardens if extremely necessary.[2]


Typically, sprites' villages could be found in glades deep inside thriving forests, or inside the trunks of trees or treants. They allowed no trespassers, and were quick to judge the moral character of persisting invaders.[2]



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